Different Types of Fishing Lures

Hard lures minnows longbill:

It is always advisable in certain circumstances to have longbill minnows in his box. Record for depth, some manage to go over 8 meters deep! Much less versatile because that can not be used on shallow water stations, but they may work wonders in the deep.

We will choose the model sought after fishing, floating or sinking, big or small, and especially the color! With a flowing horizontal fishing is generally look. With a flowing we can explore the layers of water, up to you.

For the same animation technique with a Jerk bait. This is the same lure, only the swimming depth exchange!


The jig , probably the most versatile lure of our fishing gear, according to its form it descends vertically quickly or with a completely disorderly descent! His weight range from a few grams to several hundred, achieves unimaginable depths. Used worldwide, he was able to convince many fishermen at sea.

The animation is essential in this type of lure, and it is the knowledge of the fisherman who will make the Jig works or not. You can help current and animate the lure vertically, or for jigs lighter horizontal animation.

Many opportunities are possible with this lure, and it will try to explore all to gain experience! This remains a technical lure.


Soft lure, the !

The soft lures shads:

Their effectiveness is formidable, and they took the head of the rankings for some years now. A lureformidable with extreme versatility, more than full range, both in size and color, making reference to the fact!

Both used in throwing, back and vertically. They remain good in all areas! Typically used with leaded heads of different weights according to the fishing zone, use unleaded weigtless is increasingly common.

What’s more, simple operation, efficiency in all tests, I can only advise you to have in your box for fishing lure!

The soft lures Slugs:

Also in the soft lures, the Slugs perfectly complements the Shad ! Generally Imitating wonderfully many prey at sea and in fresh water, they are often impregnated with attractant. The Slugs keep excellent results with the same animations as soft lures “Shad”.

Some are classic as the x-layer or the mother worm , they can be used around any depth. It is the fisherman who is in charge and therefore does what he pleases!!!

The model range is immense and it will succeed in making the right choice. You must choose the right size according to the desired fish and of course the color. Typically used during the summer, because they correspond perfectly to our seasonal menu of predators, with some boldness they may well have a good result in another time!

So I found this little guide lures, hoping to have answered a number of questions! Keep in mind that for increased efficiency you have to try a whole range of different bass fishing lures on the Andrewfishing.com, do you focus in on a particular type of lure! Make your own lure fishing experience, and try new things, nothing is impossible in fishing and that’s what makes our passion is magical.