Different Types of Bags for Different Occasions

Pouch bag, box or baguette? When that bag fits best and what is so special about each individual, you read here in our practical lexicon for bag lovers!


The name says it: This handbag is the perfect companion for every shopping tour. Since it is larger and more spacious than most handbags, provides plenty of space for shopping and everything you need for the day. Even for a weekend trip it may be sufficient well organized as hand luggage. In English we say “dead” to her – of “to carry”, “carrying”. It was invented as early as 1900. At that time she was still made ​​of sturdy fabric or leather. Today everything is permitted, what pleases and suits – from super simple to striking.


Because of its resemblance to the popular French white bread she was unceremoniously named after him. Your short handle make it just so, to wear over the shoulder. Classic clamps they rather under his arm – just like a baguette! Thus it is also the mother of all Clutch. She became famous by the way in the 1990s by the TV series “Sex and the City”.


In the Middle Ages only men wore a bag on a belt-but the variation was much smaller than most pouch pockets today. In
15th Century came the great change. Women decorated now with often richly decorated and very quickly became a status symbol avancierenden leather or
cloth bags. The trend continues today. Polka dots, animal and nature motif prints or bold colors now decorate the Accessory Designer of large and young newcomers brands. With jeans and sneakers, the bag fits perfectly. Absolute No-Go: carry the bag as a backpack!


See bag bags best when much is inside. They are perfect for exploring the city, because there we have usually longer there.


This handbag has its origin naturally in sports. They used to transport heavy bowling balls from A to B.Most is the fashionable version – far from Bowling – sportive. Thanks to their shape, they can accommodate larger items. Long she wore only men, today especially retro models for women are popular.

access to silver. Noble, solid-colored models made ​​of leather are practical for daily work and the business attire good.


This precious accessory is more like an envelope or a thin box and is much more than just a bag. The Clutchis a classic evening bag a real eye catcher and completes every chic gala Outfi t only really from. It is characterized by a small, handy size and the lack of Henkel. Their name comes from the
English and means as much as “cling to access”. The golden rule: never to cram! You must be clamped in the confusion at the reception and the shaking hands quietly under his arm.


Again, the name says: The Box-Bag is a bag with short handles or thin belts. Mostly it is rich and decorated humorous designed-stamp cans,
cigar boxes or book looseleaf serve often as a style sheet. The box-shaped design requires a robust material of thick leather to
wood or Plexiglas. The content is secure, the pocket walls thus but unfl exible. It fits perfectly to extroverted Outfi ts.


Neumodisch runs under “Crossover”, because their belt or a pretty bag chain is usually carried by a shoulder across the torso. Especially popular are mini formats in typical look of their big “sisters”. The great: Theshoulder bag can be run from morning to night. Clear that they become very quickly a favorite piece and as a constant companion often it bears small traces – which is absolutely okay. They must not only be one: boring!Rivets, strip, buckle and material mixes get the model just right.


The most famous of its kind is the luxury model 2:55 of Chanel. Coco Chanel designed this bag with the eye-catching chain belt in February 1955. The idea came the avid horse lover on the racetrack. The usual handbags were Coco
Chanel annoying because you never had the hands free. The chain bag may be quilted or very minimalist and in miniature, the belts in silver or gold. The glamor factor in chain pockets the way just as high as in the handleless Clutch.

The chain should match the children: Who is like gold, decides on a golden chain. Otherwise, access to Silver.


Books, folders, papers or papers will be packaged well.The know not only students appreciate. The roomy bag, which was modeled after the classic messenger bag, usually has a flap for closing the main compartment. For bicycle couriers were  modern models developed that are robust, weatherproof and easy to handle. As chic variant, it can also come along very feminine handbags made ​​of lightweight leather. But as they always has a sporty touch, the outfit should fit to: cocktail dresses, maxi skirts and loose trousers are taboo.


Not only the shape and size are critical in bags it also depends on the color and material of: time, they should be more discreet, unobtrusive, and submit its wearer, sometimes convincing size, material and color and sometimes elegant underline the clothes or give it even more special.
bags are small all-rounder.