Dicas De Morro De São Paulo

 To enter Morro de São Paulo you must pay a tourist tax of R $ 10; So do not get to the island with no money.

-Take light clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen and drink water. The heat is very strong there! It pays to wear a blouse too cold – after sunbathing all day, many people feel cold with the wind coming from the sea.

“Put a small flashlight in your bag.” In some areas the island has very little light; So the flashlight not only helps you locate yourself, but ensures more safety following cheeroutdoor.

-Haggle on the price of the taxi when you leave at the sea terminal. It’s a good idea not to use the services of the first taxi driver who shows up and see how much others are charging.

-Check the tide board ! It is through it that you can know when the tide is low and consequently when the natural pools form. 

-Plan how much you want to spend. Morro has just one ATM from Banco do Brasil and a lottery house, where you can withdraw money. As the demand is very high, in the high season the ATM is constantly out of money. Many establishments accept a card, but it is best to carry some notes with you, because not everything is possible to pay with a card.

-If you have problems with nausea while sailing, avoid crossing Salvador-Morro de São Paulo in small boats. The bigger the boat, the smaller the impact of the sea balance. If it’s a small boat and you can not help it, stopping eating before you travel is something that might help. The same one, for those who have these problems, is to make the crossing by land, through Valencia. The weather is almost the same as it takes the catamaran and is much less traumatic.

-Morro has no hospital. In the case of more severe problems, people are transported to Valença by the ambulancha.

“Cell phones are good on the Island and you probably will not have a communication problem. The internet connection is not the best, but it’s nothing to disrupt your tour.