Delete Gmail from The Notifications Bar Post

A few days ago Google updated the GMail application to deliver improvements in the field of notifications, taking advantage of improved notifications, offering 4.1 Android Jelly Bean. Among them, we found ourselves with the option to archive conversations and answer emails from them, but some people prefer to delete emails before that check it for different reasons.

Luckily, Google added this option, even though it is a little hidden, it is possible to delete emails that arrive us from notifications, allowing us to get rid of emails that we want not save much easier.

To be able to configure it simply have to enter the application of GMail and enter the settings of the application using the options button. Once there we went in the General Settings section and once inside click scrolling list of talks to bring us a menu of options

Default file is selected / delete tag / delete, but to remove it from the notifications enter that select the option always. This will allow us to delete emails from the notifications as well as to do so from the application itself, as it was before archiving. We hope this small Guide I useful result hayya, because it allows to save many keystrokes to delete unwanted email.