Dear Blog Readers Jewelry Fans!

One hears and reads it more often–more and more couples opt for a traditional wedding ring and choose a “more contemporary” alternative for it. This topic concerns me for a long time – not because I am faced with the choice, but because I deal engagementand wedding rings as a self-confessed lover of jewelry of course with the theme. And even among us, girls: our future engagement or wedding ring we think about everyone from time to time, or?

For some, the thing is quite clear: there is not an alternative to the wedding ring – it’s almost so, as one would question the marriage as an institution in itself, it would break with this tradition. But I want to start here at all any debate about the concept of “traditional marriage” at the present time – that is another issue. Interested, rather, what other options there are to show his love and togetherness, as with a classic wedding ring itself and to the outside.

The classic among the alternatives is without a doubt, to wear the wedding ring on a chain around his neck. Especially men, feel not so comfortable at the thought of wearing a ring, often choose this variant. Simple gold bangles, is engraved on which the name of the partner or a love oath at the Interior, even on the outside are also becoming increasingly popular. Or – the something more courageous among us – as it would be for times with a tattoo?

The options away from the classical Eherings are actually endless and while I actually am the one at this point, which provides tips and suggestions for you, I’d like to hear also your opinion on the topic this time! Maybe you know Yes someone who has decided against a wedding ring? Or have yourself a nice idea for an alternative? I am looking forward to your inspiration in the comments and am looking forward to the discussion!