Crafts with Sequins


Today I’m going to talk about the sequins, sequins are small bright circles, they are usually round and used to decorate different things.

They had its heyday during the 20-50 years. At the beginning they were metal, now most are made of plastic with an infinite number of colors. You can find them in the category of craft supplies in Wholesaleably.
Now I’m going to show three examples of things we can do with them.

I will start telling you how to make small flowers.

The materials that we use are the following: sequins, seed beads or seed beads, yarn of nylon, needle and scissors.

Steps to make them:
1 insert a spangle, a rockery, or mustard seed and make a knot at the bottom.
2 insert a spangle, a rockery, another dress and another macadam, and pass the thread through the inside of the dress first and rockery strung.
3 Repeat this procedure 4 times more. At each step we will accommodate the sequins.
4 again knot the thread at the bottom.

It seems a little confusing but if you put the page of Fiorella fabric flowers, you will find a video where you can follow the steps without problems.

Another great idea is to decorate an espadrilles.

Materials: Sequins, espadrilles, beads, thread and needles.

Steps to make them:
1 mark with thread or marking pencil drawing that you want to form the sequins.
2. go sewing the sequins and the beads on the layout drawing.

As can see that easy, these sandals are the work of in search of beautiful things, visit his blog, on the find the step by step to make them and a lot of things more.

The last thing I want to show you is like decorating a picture frame.

Materials: Sequins, photo frame and strong super glue.

Steps to do it:
1 think about the combination of colors that you want to use.
2. arm yourself with patience and go pasting sequins to the frame.There is no more.

If you want to go see the steps give you a walk through Bisuteriaycia, in this blog you will find ideas for decorating all kinds of jewellery and beads.

I have only shown three ideas of things you can do with sequins, but there are many more, it’s time to let the imagination fly.

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Maria Mercè