Country Style Decorating Ideas for Apartments

What irritates people to set up their own home in country style-even far away of village landscapes? Why choose a device, consisting of a wardrobe in solid wood, checkered linen in pastel colors and a nostalgic wall clock? Who knows, maybe you can also subject all the current home trends are just discovering this for themselves?

Professional, children, household and all the things that flow anew for us each day-the life of today seems ever more hectic and fast paced, complex and increasingly by other things than us to be self-determined. What we want is a break, a place of relaxation and deceleration. For many people, the image of the house in the country is somewhere in the country, the symbol of this very place where a break from everyday life is possible and where fresh air, light heartedness, deceleration and relaxation await us. But as beautiful as the life in the country sounds to let our things overnight behind us and to move into a nice country villa in the countryside, but we in most cases simply not possible.With the right Lighting, furniture and accessories, it is not even necessary to pull themselves into the country-because with proper means and only a few simple steps, we can easily possible to bring the country house to our house and every however small town homes to transform into the personal Landhausvilla.

A Retreat With Inspiration From The Countryside

The country-style has become an epitome of comfort, the simplicity, joy, serenity and nature simply increasing in our time. Where else than in the countryside, it seems to us still possible even breathe properly to !? Lighting, furniture and accessories of this particular style of living bring nature with all its colors, materials and their verschiedenartigem light into the house and transform one’s home, the house and garden in a protective retreat from everyday stress. Here are mainly farmhouses, country houses, farms to the country style as inspiration, the furniture of this style are also called “country furniture” because today mainly furniture shapes are used as stylistic elements in earlier times mainly in the homes of poorer, rural populations to find how the peasants were. Do you live in a big city? What do you feel when you look at after a busy day, a photo of a small, idyllic village?

Individual, Modern Living Tradition

Today, however, the country-style is not a style of the poor or comes even frumpy therefore. And he is certainly not a lump sum to identify it if someone dark furniture, lamps made ​​of metal with floral motifs or a rural, idyllic flower arrangement has available at his home. For the modern country style is a conscious and natural combination of traditional country, classic and modern as well as vintage decoration, which is to remind us of a fresh coffee table in the open and a carefree life in the country.However, the individuality and personality of the man, his ideas and thoughts also plays in this style of furnishing a crucial role – because who can prescribe in our present time already, with what lighting and furniture he his kitchen, his bathroom, his living room or bedroom set up has to be comfortable?! So no matter whether Scandinavian, American, British, Mediterranean or French country style-the creativity, caused by personal memories and especially associations are, therefore, in this particular style means no limits.

Combine Design Ideas And Thus Live Just Individual

Although applied rustic and solid, simple and functional in origin, the modern country house style but afraid not to open the contemporary and also influences from vintage style, used look and Shabby Chicinvolve. So give rustic lamps and decorated in darker colors and types of wood Solid wood furniture such as wardrobe, dresser, sideboard and of course bed, table and chairs the rooms an adult, serious impression, while the lighting, furniture and accessories with or without signs of wear in bright pastel and natural colors with playful ornaments, colorful paintings, floral motifs, intricate shapes and traditional patterns like stripes, flowers and diamonds make modern style lighter and the look. an impressive chandelier made ​​of metal directly from a cozy fabric sofa with check pattern and a bright, pretty exhausted-looking coffee table on which a filigree lamp with fabric shade is, so is not a contradiction or unwanted contrast, but a deliberate and quite harmonious merging of different living ideas in a modern country style.

Tips For Your Very Own Cottage Style

How are remaining fixtures even when the lights in the country-style nature and its materials such as rattan, stone, wood, clay or ceramic clearly in the foreground, and give their own home a distinctive naturalness. But even luxuriously produced lamps made ​​of metal that tell of ancient, craftsmanship and are complemented by items such as cotton, linen or leather, are an often-used style element in a country house, the living room, bedroom, kitchen or office and of course the dining room a very provide own rustic charm. Lamps made ​​of natural materials, metal and fabric with everything the (own) garden and nature are complemented give to decorate this way. Thus floral motifs find example not only on the lampshades in painted or printed form again, but in the whole house as a real decoration means. Fresh branches, fragrant roses, cornflowers, pumpkins, grasses or cereals in wreaths, bouquets or bunches together complete with matching furniture and other accessories, the image of a little paradise in the country in their own home. The ranging color palette of lights in country style as well as the remaining furniture of earth and sand tones, over metal tones, bright pastel colors and classic wool white to moss green and dark blue dignified. Fresh Accent and splashes of color contrast, put items in dark cherry red, lemon yellow and apple green, but also stripes and dots in blue and white and bright red are the restrained earth tones over stylish.

Modern Technology in Rustic Garb

The fact that the present-day country-style not modernity closes and that the individual perception of the residents has a decisive influence, can be used not only on the receiving elements from modern styles like the Shabby Chic , Distressed and vintage-style detect or that different , local variations, the country style are combined, but also to the fact that modern technology has its place. So can be in any premises, but especially in kitchen, living room and study, a conscious break in style between luminaires in modern form and modern finishes of stove, dishwasher, PC, television, hi-fi system and the rugged woods than conscious design element in Setting up the living rooms stylishly. Is this contrast, however, undesirable, it is just as easy, modern technology, such as integrating, for example, in television or dishwasher, with covers in a rustic style. Just as easily can be in the lighting equipment of the rustic charm of the country house with the modern achievements of technology combine without that one commits a breach of style: Senior ceiling lamps, equipped with, for example, E27 base, which you have previously equipped with incandescent lamps or pendant luminaires with E14 base for the popular and authentically acting candle lamps easily collect equipped with modern bulbs same look. Would you like the look and the cozy, warm white light of an incandescent lamp, combined with a power savings of up to 90% and a luminous means that you do not have to change over the years? Then we invite you to discover the most advanced of the current lighting technologies, the LED – and yet quite natural to live in a country style!