Contact with The LG BL40 Chocolate on a New Video

Already a few days have passed since we showed you the latest images of the LG BL40 Chocolate, and now we have him back with us in a video where we can see interesting features see moving condensed in 2 minutes.

Their singular forms conditioned by 4 inches screen give to much play, I summarize that in the video we can see email management, operation of the accelerometer, web browsing, QWERTY keyboard on-screen (huge) and VCR operation.

As we can read in the source of the news, the construction of this new Black Label Series It is one of their strengths, combining good materials with durability.

Good idea to remember jack connector 3.5 mm headphone, neither camera has been neglected by LG, with a module of 5 mega pixels on their backs.

When it comes to the interface, users of the LG Arena to be familiar, with new features such as Dual Screen, It divides the screen into two, and allows us to see the email while we consult the calendar, or use Instant Messaging.

Another new feature is the ability to use gestures on screen as shortcuts, as we can see in the video, it works pretty well. Not I forget to mention in regards to the interface, multitouch capabilities, or near-instant screen rotation.

There is still no date of release, or information about your price.