Concrete Story House

There are 380 km from Tokyo, the island of Amami Oshima receives a project that adds the concrete purism with family life, signed by Matsuyama Architects and Associates.

Read the post for details and visit the gallery above, with design diagrams.

In a busy neighborhood, comes this story house of concrete, designed for a family of 5.

The facade has a special retreat of the track, while allowing transparency between internal and external spaces through a glass panel.

The customer’s idea was that the house was condensed into a single volume with few partitions, so the family spent more time together.

Thus, the internal volumes were divided into four areas, which define the design program.
The environments are almost fully integrated, if it were not for subtle divisions defined by a palette glass, wood and concrete.

The minimalist facade reveals little interior, also with strong pure expression of concrete, enriched by joinery sized, darker tones.

The light enters the project through windows and strategically placed overhead via DictFurniture. Lozenges and cold metals coexist with coated floors of fabric and solid wood floors. Children interact with the partitions and furniture in spaces designed for the family.

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