Complete Guide Sinks and Tubs

The tanks are a fundamental part of the composition of environments such as bathrooms, toilets or kitchens – but knowing how to choose the right dishes for your environment may not be easy.

The market offers a multitude of tanks models and, although this is advantageous, may leave some consumers lost in deciding which one to buy.

Therefore, the web site gathered all models, tips and prices on vats of bathrooms and toilets to help you choose the right type for your project in this guide .

Cuba Embed

The vats to embed are regarded as one of the most refined and visually pleasing market models.This is because they do not protrude on the bench, so that the sink of the surface is clean.

Cleaning this type of tub is quite simple. Both the bench, you can simply scan the waste and liquid from the top of the top, as well as crockery, which asks only a damp cloth inside.

One problem with this tank model is the difficulty of installation: If you are inserting it in a bench that already exists, you must remove the counter top for installation. You can either go back to the counter to place or change the piece completely.


As the piece is embedded in the sink top, it is natural that part of it appears on the bottom portion of the bench, so it is interesting bet on cabinets or cabinets for your bathroom does not pass the feeling that did not finish.

Parts and mixers of this model are also a bit more expensive than the other models, but for a clean and sophisticated atmosphere, the vats of embedding are a good bet.

Cubas to embed simple cost on average R $ 70, but there are models up to R $ 380 in the market.


Cuba Semi Fitting

The vats semi fitting, when introduced into the top, stay with part of its structure off the bench. So, they are the best bowl option if your bathroom or toilet has limited size and needs space saving.

Thus, the vats of semi fitting are gaining prominence in the market, since the tendency to live in small apartments grows increasingly. Most of the available models are right and therefore some problems with the flow of water and cleaning the piece may arise. So remember to look for models that have the most rounded corners possible to avoid this kind of inconvenience.


The vats semi fitting match most modern environments, since the design is usually very contemporary – as differential, can come up with a towel rack on the bottom that is off the bench. It is an attractive option for small bathrooms and that does not take away the comfort of daily activities.

Cubas semi fitting simpler range from $ 470 to R $ 600 – some more sophisticated, can get up to R $ 1,700.

Cuba Support

The support tubs are fully exposed to the washer above the bench – and therefore is one of the most impressive models on the market. They reduce one available space on top of the bench, which makes them more applied in toilets or environments in which we do not usually put many hygiene objects on the counter.

Also indicated are parts for more contemporary environments, since the tub design wins highlight the environment. But to choose this piece, you need to take some care so that it does not lose its functionality.


Stay tuned when choosing the mixer or tap: the table fit need to be much higher for exceeding the tub (we can help you choose the ideal mixer or tap). Another important detail is the shape of the part: opt for oval or circular models – the square, though beautiful, can have problems with the flow of water and the sink cleaning.

As demand a little more space, they are not the right fit for washrooms or small bathrooms, since they are striking and imposing and can cram the environment.

A model that often generates controversy and share opinions is the glass support vessel – beyond the fact that they are easy to clean, glass tanks are usually considered tacky or outdated. Tastes aside, you can see that the diversity of designs and materials for these pieces is great.

The simplest support vats ranging from $ 350 to R $ 500, but there are models that reach R $ 2,100.


Cuba to Superimpose

This model revisits a more classic design tanks, but in a more stripped way. Different support of the tanks, they enable a greater counter space is available because only the part of the edge is visible and out the top.

Also, by being left with an exposed piece require less space inside the bench, unlike the docking tanks. Bathrooms and toilets and receive this type of tub, especially environments that are in everyday use and more functional aesthetic that.

It is important to be aware and take time for part cleaning, grout usually accumulate dirt and liquid occasionally stay on the bench, so it is important to keep the edge of the tub always clean.

As well as for pressing, they are wildcard parts: fit well in any environment, are clean, sophisticated and leave the bathroom functional and well adapted to the daily needs of residents.

The overlap tanks vary greatly values: there are models of R $ 150 to R $ 2,300 others.


Cuba Sculpted

Sophisticated and modern, sculpted tubs are very charming and leave any refined bathroom. They are very impressive and often grandiose, which requires much space on the counter and in the bathroom in general.

There are different models and the right materials for carved sinks: the vats carved with ramp are pieces with modern design and give a special touch to your bathroom or toilet. But it is important to remember that, in this model, it is necessary to clean the drain, the task is not so simple, why it will only be possible under it. One tip is to choose a tub where the ramp is removable so that the piece cleaning can be done completely without accumulating sludge.

Again, the choice of tap or mixer in this case is very important: if the water pressure and flow are not compatible, water will splash every time you are using the sink.

Already the vats carved with straight bottom have a removable cover that conceals the drain, so cleaning and part cleaning is easier. The range of mixers and taps options increases in this case because the part design makes less water splashing up water pressure is stronger.


The sculpted tanks vary the price according to the material, a simpler tub, marble, comes around R $ 880. Already in porcelain, R $ 650.

The tanks are a fundamental part of functional environments of our home, so you can not ignore the importance of choosing the right model for your project. Here , we also give you material tips for counter tops in the bathroom.