Common Facial Skin Problems and Solutions

Time trial suit and summer clothing, time to put on display some shame. That’s right, each of us has a detail of one’s body so embarrassed, or because Mother Nature has not been very generous, either because the winter laziness has taken over the good habit of caring. And so, here we are with pedicure in disorder, very little toning thighs, love handles that resemble panic and lizard skin. Following are the most common imperfections and some advice to solve the problem before the dress rehearsal.

cracked heels

Her toenails are also in order, above all thanks to the glaze that hides any defects, but the heels you can not see. You are thinking that will force them into closed shoes for the next three months. Wrong! Use a good moisturizer for the feet as Aquaphor Restructuring treatment for damaged skins Eucerin. The applied in the evening, then put on a pair of light cotton socks and go to sleep. In the morning rub the pumice stone in the affected area and apply an exfoliating cream (urea, lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or ammonium lactate).

Forearm with boils

Some people call them arms drop down and unfortunately are not the best, though they are also studded with pimples, heaven help us. But we must avoid tank tops for five months. Especially the boils with a little ‘sunshine definitely improve. Do light scrub in the shower and apply an exfoliating cream based on lactic acid. The best way to tone your arms is swimming or the healthy and fun water gymnastics. Get down to work right away.

Inelastic skin on the thighs

There is a cream that can solve the problem of cellulite in a short time. If it is at the initial stage you will need treatment for at least 3 weeks. It is great Q10 Firming Body Lotion Sebamed, because it contains antioxidants and argan oil, to increase the elasticity of the skin. Some experts also suggest the application of a lotion retinol to stimulate cell renewal, but we must also pay attention to sun exposure in the proper way because it can make the skin more vulnerable to radiation.

Acne on his back and neck

Unfortunately workouts for the beach, causing sweat at will, and sometimes synthetic clothing (especially sports), can promote the appearance of acne on the body. The one on the back, décolleté or around-feeding is also said bacne. It is imperative to wash very often, taking off her bra to let your skin breathe and use an anti acne cleanser. If your pimples are severe, you should consult a dermatologist, you may need a topical or oral antibiotic, especially if the pimples are caused by staph.

Dry and dark knees

The joint skin is often very dry and tends to be a little ‘darker. Unfortunately if you are used to put the skirt, you’ll notice that the fabric is always right friction in that area. You need to moisturize deeply knees, perhaps using sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Also, if you notice any skin discoloration, after a scrub, exploited the BB for the body, so as to hide the defect.

Red elbows

My grandmother claimed that ladies can be seen from the elbows, which should never be red and dry. Always have the care applying the cream there too. If the skin in this area is reddened, inflamed and then maybe, it should not be further irritated with exfoliation. Apply a cream with a small amount of cortisone (first course, consult your dermatologist), a couple of times a day until the redness disappears.