Coloring Books for Smartphones and Tablets

Coloring books for adults boom. The trend from the UK has spread quickly. The coloring books are the hottest way to forget their everyday stress and relax. The books have conquered the bestseller lists in England and the trend has quickly spread to other countries. Also in Germany you will find in every bookstore coloring books for adults. Pen manufacturers even drive special layers to meet the demand of coloring book fans.

When I came across the application Colorfy: Coloring book for adults when I was browsing the appstore, I became curious. The makers of the app promise”Therapeutic coloring now for your iPhone. And free of charge. “The user is promised that” time flies and problems are dissolved in air while you relax and have fun.”

Colorfy: Coloring Book For Adults-The Free App

The Colorfy app is free to download in version 2.10 on the App iPad. The app is 76.6 MB in size, I’vetested it on the iPhone 6. Also for Android the app can be downloaded free of charge in the Playstore. The App Store announces that in-app purchases are possible. So I want to know if I can actually use the app as a free coloring book:

Is free version sufficient? Are in-app purchases necessary?

Is the app clear?

Is the haptics comparable to a printed coloring book and colored pencils?

Does the app offer an alternative way to relax from stressful everyday life?

First Impression

If I open the app, I’ll be right in the library, where you can choose between 17 topics. Each theme is a coloring book with about five to ten motifs. For some topics, two volumes of images to be imaged are available. Getting to the app is very easy.

I decide first for a motif from the category “Famous” and take the first picture from the first volume:The cry of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. So now it is going. The image to be imaged is displayed in the center of the display, the color selection is located in the upper display area. On the upper left you can see the three colors, which you have recently used and can choose by quick selection. In the upper right-hand side of the screen you can select the color you want to use next by tapping the row.

This Is How The Painting Feels In The App

As I begin to wipe my finger on the display-like with a colored pencil on paper-nothing happens.Because to paint the motifs, it is sufficient to touch the individual surfaces. So you first choose the color you want to paint with and then tap the area to be painted. However, a real painter’s experience such as with a pencil on paper remains unavailable. Because with a pen from left to right across the display to paint or wipe does not take place in the app. The painting in the app is thus not to be compared with paper and colored pencil – I am only disappointed. When I painted a bit with the app, I got used to this kind of digital painting, I enjoy the app.

It requires concentration to always hit the right fields. But you can also zoom out easily by moving your fingers apart. This is a long-drawn-out movement on the smartphone display. Errors can easily be corrected. To do this, simply use the arrow at the bottom left. With it, you can undo any number of steps.

“Share Your Art!”

Once you have colored a surface, you can share the image. This works via SMS, on Instagram, as a WhatsApp message, via email, as a Tweet on Twitter. When I finished the picture, I want to go back to the main menu and tap the house icon at the bottom right. Before I go back to the menu, the app gives me the function to add a filter so that it looks as if I painted the picture with a brush or wood.

The app also works offline, which is totally handy. Because you can use them with all their functions-apart from sharing your results-in the remote park, on the lake or during long-haul flights.

The App In Detail: Is The Free Version Sufficient?

The choice of colors is limited. Only the 27 Basic Colors are available in the free version. If I would like to select more colors, I will be offered a free trial version of ColorfyPlus, which costs 7.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year. The advertising is always shown to me, which annoys.

Only the first motif of each coloring book is available in the free variant, but you can color it as often as you like. The app offers besides the coloring of the existing motives further free possibilities. You can look at the painted pictures for example via the button My works later. With the Create button , I can create a picture from my photo taken to paint. The function awakens my curiosity and I try them out with a flower photo. I am not satisfied with the result. One can not recognize the motif very well and in the painting I notice that the individual color areas are intertwined. Petals and stems are painted in the same color. That the app reaches its limits, could be synonymous with the motive chosen by me. Because it contains many contours with minimal color differences. I am confident that it will work better with a photo that has clearer contours.

Functions Of The VIP Version

In the VIP version you can paint without limits. There is a variety of additional color palettes available and you can create your own. In addition, all motifs are unlocked. Thus, the out-of-the-art filter does not end.


The coloring book app Colorfy works quite differently than I had expected. After the first brief disappointment, however, I think this is absolutely useful, because you can paint on the-in comparison to a coloring book – small display of the smartphone with his fingers difficult to paint without much more surface than intended. Coloring with the app is a nice, relaxed pastime for waiting or relaxing.

Whether the free version is sufficient depends on how much you want to use it. If you use it every day and want to color all the motifs in its favorite colors, it needs the premium version. If one is satisfied with a manageable number of motifs, which can be painted again and again, as well as 27 colors, the free version is sufficient.