Color Blocking: Mixing Colors

Hello girls! Upon request, I decided to show some items from my wardrobe, and first of all I will talk about a trend that many people enjoy, but have some doubts at the time of use: is the color blocking or color block! This trend emerged in the winter of 2011, with the intention of getting out of the common place of sober colours. But it was the summer of 2012 that fashion took off, and continues on high until today!

But you can mix any color? Well, it’s better not to risk… As well as relies heavily on the place where you are, also depends on the amount of colors and accessories that you are using. Here is a list of color combinations that give super right: orange with purple, orange with green, purple with pink, pink with green, green with purple, pink with blue bic, red with yellow, red to purple, red with blue, etc.
I chose the colors of green and purple, which are beautiful together, because they are similar. Remembering: similar colors are those that are close in color chart. You choose a color, and the other 2 next are their analogous. That’s a good tip in time to mix other colors! Complementary or contrasting colors like red and green look great too!

In my look chose blazer moss green with purple jeans. When in doubt, always mix the color blocking with neutral colors such as white shirt for example. The silver-toned accessories complement the look. Just be careful not to overdo it ok? Detail in the shoe bicolor: it’s a classic that falls very well to color blocking! Other important tips: prefer more cheerful combinations for day and the colors more sober for the night and to work! If you’re afraid to match colors in clothing, combine with accessories! Another thing: prefer more neutral or dark colors on the body that would like to disguise!
And then girls? Liked the tip? What do you think of my look?