Collection, Chanel Cruise 2011 in St. Tropez

As every year at this time, many designers are released featuring invented collections to Pocket more money and increase its clientele. In all, almost without exception, that so little artistic and inspiring shopping craving can be seen. However, Karl Lagerfeld It is the exception to this rule. In their Cruise collections (collections presented during the spring to the summer of the following year) always manages to satisfy our needs and inspire us for the summer. On this occasion, the designer has gone to Saint-Tropez to demonstrate his genius.

The collection has been very extensive, even though the party men not so much. There has been a large presence of floral elements, although always in shades of pale and discreet facing our beach looks much simplicity. The idea of combining flowers shirt with jeans seems to me to be very successful.

For the more daring, it is always the option of combining different prints, although this overlap can be fateful for many. The combination with clear pants is perfect for removing iron to the floral ornateness.

In the collection some ideas have also been those nights of beach where the sea breeze make us to feel cold (especially after a good session of Sun). Why designer opted for the shirts, but in pastel colors that never forget the season in which we find ourselves.

As many of you know, Baptiste Giabiconi It is the preferred model of Karl Lagerfeld, so this has been responsible for starring in almost all male outputs of the parade. That Yes, sometimes is not noticed to be his favorite model, because go do pajamas? He has placed.

The simple looks have been the main characters of this show so fresh and evocative. The simple white t-shirts with a macuto in which save the towel never fail. The type of shoe perhaps that contrast too with long pants, but if it is a color as autumnal as Brown. Despite this, the idea is great for who do not dare to that show off legs in summer.

And for summer evenings, Karl Lagerfeld proposes a somewhat bizarre and controversial combination: Brown and black, which, in case outside little, add sequins, flip-flops and brightness of through. Too rococo for my eyes.

And you, What did you think of Chanel summer proposal?

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