Clothing Size

Neeee, nix 17 and 4 and Sudoku is also not the subject. It’s about hard facts… unalterable from the series of useless knowledge.

But a question is asked me quite often-most recently by a reader whose mail I can not answer for some unknown reason. Unfortunately, my computer science knowledge is not enough to clarify and the IT boy is busy with other, important zeros and ones.

Numbers Game

No, I’m not talking about 17 nor 4 nor Sudoku. I’m talking about hard facts here… unchangeable things from the realms of unnecessary knowledge. However I am often asked this question-I’m not answering. Unfortunately my IT is not enough to clarify the problem and the IT is currently occupied with other important ones and zeros.

How Big Are You?

Then I make NEN post in the hope that you are also interested. If not, keep it for you… I think it makes sense with the whole outfitposts to know, what numbers of ready-to-wear size you so here. It happens to me again and again that people are surprised at a personal meeting, because they would have expected me to be either smaller or larger… So I am going to take my measurements to you today…

High Expectations

Then I’ll write something about you. If it does not, then keep it to yourselves. With all these outfit posts I think it makes sense. Again and again, when. So I’ll give you all the details here…

Nix 90-60-90

I am even quite distant from it and quite so, I did not want to do it today. I’m 1.71m tall.For a perfect fit, it has to be 32 inches long and at the waist 29 inches. The “normal” trousers size varies, depending on the supplier between 36 and 38. By the way, a preferred search input with the big search engine, with which one seems to be on my blog seems to be: “Nothing in the blouse” and it brings it to the times Point… and leaves little doubt that I sway on tops between XS and S… What it has with this oblique search input-I would not even know so exactly .. Apropos wavering-my feet do well, so do the Size between 40 and 41…

Emergency 90-60-90

I do not have anything remotely like these numbers and I do not want to talk. I’m 1metre 71 tall. If you want to have a good time with me, then you need to know about it. The “normal” size of a pair of trousers differs between 36 and 38 depending on the label. By the way, if you type “Nothing in the blouse” into the big search engine sometime along the line you want to land on livingstontrending, and this brings it to the point…. And I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to say, but I’m not sure if it’s true. “Speaking of fluctuating 41

That I am with my orders by the way also gladly times (I hope only large), is evidenced by this ensemble. The upper part should not really be belly-free… well, I’ll pull something about it… my white Blusenkleid fits top and make NEN nice casual summer look out of it… synonymous, if the summer is now for the first time… A relaxed Sunday I wish you-you love….

That I sometimes make mistakes when ordering things. I can wear something over it… my white shirt dress goes perfectly with it and together they make a lovely, casual summer outfit… even if the summer is having a break now… Have A relaxing Sunday, my dears…