Clothing of Gothic Fashion

The Gothic style is one of the oldest and most persistent in the fad for both the young and the old. Are teenagers, especially the British, the biggest fans of Gothic fashion to use on a daily basis. You do not need a motivation to use, much as Gothic clothing represents much more than just a way of dressing.

The Gothic fashion comes from a very remote time, beginning in the twelfth century in France. Just as it is fashionable today, the Gothic origin is to go against the classic romantic fashion, in which the beautiful has perfect features and bright colors are more beautiful. It was a very significant artistic movement in Europe and based on the grotesque, bizarre. Many sculptures of the time placed in the church of tops is to image the gargoyles, mythical figures of darkness and considered ugly for several years. It is a form of expressive art well.

No wonder that the black color is the basis for the Gothic clothes. Will direct against the romantic and classic fashion, the princess and noble style of dress. It is the base color in dresses, shoes and various fashion accessories this style. In the modern world the movement is not as strong and expressive as in past decades, but it has its value.

Using Gothic Clothing

It took centuries for the Gothic fashion get discussed in the wardrobe of young people. The biggest fans are lovers of heavier music in rhythm with lyrics somewhat depressed about love and nothing fancy words like “I love you above all” and “My universe is you”. In Brazil only alternative bands follow the style, none on the charts, but between international songs, which no shortage of examples of Gothic music.

Gothic clothing combine with all age groups and are still a universe to be discovered when it comes to fashion. It is essentially using black, long or short with some metal details maybe. It looks a bit like punk fashion with boots with heavy metals and short pipes or long, black dresses with few details. Also goes high or low heels and who knows sneaker, but something always closed tone. Band t-shirts do not match this style of dress.

Prints chartists combine well with this style, and can use and abuse of silver combined with black or white with black in detail, with the black color predominating. Black or blue-black hair are the latest matches and the most used color in the wires with this style. The style skirt draped student with mid-cut boot is a good choice for younger still seeking a closet to start using.

Makeup for Use with Gothic Clothing

Gothic makeup is very stylized and inspired by the artistic movement beyond the past. Gothic people are melancholic and sad, without the joy of going out to the beach and enjoy the sun, so the pale skin is essential to the look. Who has not, can use compact and base to let the visual and pale, almost a vampire who does not see the sun for years.

Fans of Gothic makeup leave the primary hint: eyeliner and black lipstick are basic for this type of style. Shadow only if it is purple or dark tones, perhaps earth, but nothing of spring summer fashion with pink shade or the like as most prefer to use on a daily basis. The darker lipstick and most striking eyes, the better. A differential : men also usually wear black lipstick and eyeliner in the Gothic style.