Classic Chanel Brooch

So often in life one is looking-it was for love, recognition, the perfect dream man, good friends, a job, or just a bit of fun.

And I think that we know all this feeling that each spasmodic we embark on the search, the search almost seems endless. One then partout not find what you are looking for. I have no explanation for it, but sometimes it’s really like that. Be it the doggedness that is a written in the face or the proverbial blinders that dazzled us in our constant focus vision. For this reason, you probably hear often the advice that one should times a night on some sleep. This one leads then sometime later magically well to another. And if you might not even remember happened a something that maybe that was not what was sought, after comprehensive consideration but perhaps a lot bigger and better than what you originally set out to find.

I also went for about two years on a long search, the now packed at home under the Christmas tree with me in a little Chanel bags, disguised in a very nondescript gray box, ended.

I do not know why, but I have a soft spot for things that sold out somehow or are otherwise difficult to obtain-probably you remember even the story to my Swarovski earrings, which I will eventually contribute to my own wedding.

And so I fell in autumn 2013. unbelievable in a Rrrjewelry brooch that was simply impossible to find, apart from all the oh-so-great deals at thrift online shops, but almost always already provided with a “sold” are. Every season I looked at the new brooches to (the now way lived through an enormous price increase – Hello you great adaptation to the Asian prices), but they had me either failed or the socket was filled with stones or pearls. And I found nothing beautiful. Also not online or at thrift shops in Munich or Hamburg. Sometime stopped my search-rather than euphoria and motivation resignation came at me-I never find anyway a beautiful model (First-Word-problem-Ahoy!)-Especially not DAS model, what I originally wanted.

And how should I say-it’s just like I mentioned in it: if you’re not looking, exactly then you will find everything. To be honest, you can not dub the “Find”, the Chanel brooch finally lay beside some other magnificence under my Christmas tree!

The Chanel brooch is wonderfully received in 1996, without any scratches and was treated only neglected by the previous owner-what a sad fate! It comes from the Turn Lock Collection and is the legendary closure of Flap Bag (1983 Karl Lagerfeld has come up with this style) modeled. Although it is not the model, what I originally put myself on the search-but to be honest it is even more beautiful. Precisely because she found me because someone was behind it, which has for months go on the hunt and gave me thus fulfills a huge (physical) heart’s desire!

So far, I have not yet run (I was far indeed since Christmas sick in bed…) but I’m really looking forward to my first outfit with her!