Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Super Titanium News 2016

Hello Friend s !!! They have already come to Spain the news of the Citizen Super Titanium collection. The Japanese brand has accustomed us to get the same model in different dial colors (about 4) and do this and if the chronograph.

Well we have the good news that this has changed. As with all changes are winners and winners both parties and we will present here.

We believe that the big winner will be the Citizen AW1540 in all areas. Why? What is this watch? For to us a design truly successful, with colors spheres all very successful maybe brown and blue over white and black. Well this is an opinion, but if we are talking about the objective of a Citizen Eco-Drive watch with sapphire crystal, water resistance of 100 meters, and bracelet and box Super Titanium. Price? 249 € Here comes the “bad”. This novelty increasing the price compared to their predecessors from 219 € to 249 €. Of course, a price increase is always negative when deciding on a watch but at least in this case is justified. From Citizen we note that production costs are due to the design of Citizen AW1540 and his older brother (same model with chronograph) Citizen CA4320. The latter has risen compared their predecessors of 298 € to 349 €. Is this the bad side that you mentioned earlier? Not at all, we believe that both the Citizen and the Citizen CA4320 AW1540 are priced very justified for objective performance despite the rise. We also believe that it is aesthetically justified, we were delighted. The downside of the collection are the three models Citizen CA4310. Maintain the previous price and performance. However they did not like us aesthetically. From this moment and you can find all the models appearing in this post: Store