Citizen Eco-Drive One

Citizen Eco-Drive One is the greatest novelty presented at Basel World 2016 by the Citizen brand watches. In elblogderelojes we present that the Citizen Eco-Drive watch One AR5014-04E deserves a post.

1- Price: Of course any lover of the world of watches Citizen knows that is one of the most important watch brands respects always invisible line of the value. As we are well against a clock 5300 €. If you read that right that’s the price of clock.
From this we get two clear conclusions on the one hand this watch is not available to everyone. Therefore Citizen Spain official agents have only been able to buy it on request. The second conclusion is that the clock sure that we will present here will not leave anyone indifferent.

2- Design Clock: What would this paragraph without photos? As we can see this is a slimline watch. With a thickness of only 2.98 box millimeters we are facing the solar clock Eco Drive flatter world. Citizen has made ​​the line technology and design come together to create a stunning watch. 38.25mm be the diameter of the box.

3-Calibre: Citizen has created the caliber Cal.8826 for Citizen Eco Drive One In this movement as relevant things such as innovation, technology, mechanics, etc. come together. Many of the pieces have been created exclusively for this caliber. All this is summarized in 85 components and only one millimeter thick. This is the reason for the name of Citizen Eco Drive watch One. In terms of accuracy are talking about a + -15 seconds per month. Finally we must take into account the fact that we are talking about a watch Eco Drive accumulator. What is autonomy? Neither more nor less than 10 months on full charge. Certainly surprising able to introduce all these specifications in a millimeter caliber grosos having.

4 Materials: Of course the Citizen Eco-Drive One watch has sapphire crystal of high quality. As the grosos this has been pushed to the limit with only 0.15mm. Thanks to use a quality component Citizen achieve union between beauty and strength. For the box is the Cermet the selected material. The reason is the same aforementioned little thickness has been given to each component makes materials like stainless steel are not an option for this watch. The cermet offers all this, high hardness (1,500HV) and abrasion resistance. As the bevel created with binder cemented carbide provides a high hardness (HV 2,100) and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Finally , the clock will have an alligator strap high quality.

5- Units available in Spain: The Citizen Eco-Drive One watch will be distributed in Spain only on request. The model we are presenting with reference AR5014-04E is a limited edition worldwide and Jewellery Itzibel will have two units of this model. The clock goes on sale in the Spanish market in October 2016.

6- Opinion: From our point of view we understand that Citizen has done it again.If you have managed to create a novelty and not just a new design. What’s more, he has succeeded in a big way to create a new design (there has never been a sundial of 2.98mm thickness before) and a combination of exciting components. If we have to say something bad clock, this would be the price and not because they cost. . But because it is not up to all budgets