Choosing Bridesmaids and Pageboy

Not many weddings with bridesmaids and pageboy. Usually peeps a child to bring the faiths, but the tail of small dressed as newlyweds are rare. There are countries where the bridesmaids are a must that must not fail.

If you have chosen a wedding in style, traditional and maybe in a picturesque location as a place of art , then you may really want to create you your team of children. Pageboy and usually have children between 4 and 10 years old and are often relatives of the newlyweds (grandchildren or cousins). Nothing prevents you to choose bridesmaids among friends, or if you have a baby you. Their job is to keep the train of the bride, so be careful to choose the right dress, throw flowers on the carpet that accompanies all ‘altar and deliver the wedding rings, which should be supported on a bearing. Often it is a symbolic scene, and faiths sewn on the bearing are fake: the real rings are instead entrusted to the witnesses. In America the bridesmaids are not children, but rather, are what in Italy are the witnesses of the bride.

They have the clothes in a coordinated, in pastel tone. If there are girls, then we can also dress them up as brides, while the pageboy usually have a pair of dark trousers, little man, a shirt and suspenders. The children bring joy and sometimes a mess, so stay sharp.

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