Chocolate Beauty

One of the sweetest times of the year is coming and we’re already looking forward to here! We chose some cosmetics that have a lot to do with chocolate, to make it even more tasty!

Sephora-Bourjois-Delice Of bronzing powder Poudre-R $100.00
Bronzing powder with a delicious smell of chocolate. Ultra fine powder texture and smooth must be applied on the face and neck. Its formula is blended slightly, thanks to the presence of pearly gold pigments that provide the reflection of light.

Sephora — Sephora Collection-Chocolate Moisturizer-R $55.00
Delicately fragrant, this moisturizing cream for the body, fluid and non-greasy, quickly penetrates the skin and provides immediate comfort. Its rich formula leaves the skin smooth and hydrated all day.

Niely Gold-Chocolate Moisturizing Line

The Niely, brand L’Oreal, offers in your portfolio the line Niely Gold Chocolate with a full treatment suitable for all hair types. With your action highly moisturizing, the products Niely Gold Chocolate fight dryness providing softness and shine, all with a delicious chocolate fragrance. Enriched with cocoa Extract, Niely Gold Chocolate products promote hydration and softness to the hair. The exclusive formula has active MaxQueratina +, with 13 similar amino acids and keratin of hair fiber, Arginine, which acts by restructuring the wires.

Moisturizing shampoo Niely Gold Chocolate – With PH Balanced and without salt, your creamy froth and abundant clean gently the wires, leaving them soft and loose. Price: R $9.00

Chocolate Moisturizing conditioner Niely Gold-rich texture and emollient, untangles and provides flexibility to the hair, helping to close the cuticles of the wires. Price: R$13,00

Moisturizing leave-in conditioning cream Niely Gold Chocolate – With UV filter, it has moisturizing formula that untangles the strands gently and it makes styling, controlling the volume of yarns. Price: R $8.00

Shock Hydration Treatment cream Niely Gold Chocolate – the ultraconcentrada formula has instant action and is ideal to moisturize the wires immediately. Price: R $3.00

Concentrated Moisturizing mask Chocolate Niely Gold – in 430 g and 1 Kg, the mask offers, at the same time, softness, hydration, shine and clearance. Price: R$12,00

Hydration Niely Gold Chocolate silicone-42 ml – Provides reducing frizz and protects against the Sun’s rays, keeping the shine and softness of hair. Price: R$13,00

Sephora Collection-Colorful Eyeshadow-R $51.00
Parade with radiant colors and unbelievable and create looks flawless with Colorful Eyeshadow shades of Sephora Collection. The exclusive Color Eye Last Complex ensures easy application that lasts more than 10 hours without fade or accumulate in the fine lines of the eyes. Its texture is ultra soft and allows you to mix colors with ease by creating amazing eyes!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist –-– R C407 $83.00
A lipstick innovator that enables the creation of bold lips, super colorful, with endless comfort and spectacular duration. With 25% more pigmentation *, the lipstick Rouge Artist has exceptional colors that create impact lips. Highly pigmented formula has not only intense colors, but also an ultra creamy, moisturizing texture and absolutely comfortable. Your tip has a unique format that allows for easy application and need, while your long-lasting formula prevents the lipstick smudge.

Mary Kay-Gel Eyeliner Duo Dramatic Gold-R $79.90
Fashion and Bold. Mary Kay the invites to enter next season with a fashion show looks powerful. A light and perfect skin, eyes and nails with metallic finish, esfumadas shadows, delineated glam and shades of gold, silver and blue highlights. With this mood, arrives in Brazil Runway Bold limited edition. Kitten eye is a classic and it still WINS make more style with metallic finish. The exclusive applicator facilitates implementation, creating a unique and striking look with the intensity of the gold.

L’Oreal Professionnel-Absolut Repair Post-Chemistry

L ‘ ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL has developed the definitive formula for the health and beauty of the chemically treated following With the planet’s most powerful natural asset – thepirulina – Absolut Repair graduate Chemistry brings a range of products that they rescue the life and movement of hair with chemicals. 100% brazilian line ensures hair with 4 x less break, 3 x less split ends and an amazing move to yarns.

  • Absolut Repair shampoo Chemistry post-suggested price: R $68.00
  • Absolut Repair conditioner Chemical post-suggested price: R $88.00
  • Absolut Repair mask Chemical post-suggested price: R $119.00
  • Seal Multi-Reconstructor-suggested price: R $87.00
  • AIR OPTIX contact lenses COLORS-Brown-R $119.00

The Alcon ® launched in Brazil recently, the first and only line of silicone hydrogel contact lenses colored, Air Optix ® Colors. This product has a surface SmartshieldTM technology that protects the lens, decreasing the deposition of dirt and lipids, which provides more comfort to the user. The print technology of 3 colors in 1 applied on the lens still helps to enhance the look of a natural form. Another differentiator is the fact that there is no direct color contact with the eye, since the coloring is between the layers of the lens. With the same features of the lenses Air Optix ® clear, colourful signed by Alcon provide more health for the eyes, as well as greater and high wetting oxygenation. The product is available in the best optical Brazil in blue, brilliant blue, grey, gray, green, emerald green, pure hazel, honey and coffee (pictured), with or without prescription for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Kiko Milano – Smart Nail Lacquer-41 Dark Chocolate-R $16.90
Quick drying Nail Polish. The special formula is enriched with assets that secure the color in a few seconds. The texture has a degree of fluidity for perfect control in the application. The components of the formula enhances the luminosity of the color for an intense bright finish. Available in 48 amazing colors. Each shade is calibrated with the maximum precision to optimize the application, the coverage and effectiveness of pigments.