Cheap Streaming: Several New Chromecasts on the Way

Google’s media-dongle stands to be replaced by two new entities: an improved version and one for music streaming.

A new improved version of Google’s Chromecast-dongle is according to our site on the way. The device will, according to the unofficial source, called ‘the new Chromecast’ and will offer improved Wi-Fi connection, and new features.

The wireless connection will now support the faster 802.11 ac standard and a main feature will be the so-called ‘Real Play’ which will ensure a significantly faster connection. Finally, the rumored there for support of ‘feeds’, which is not mentioned, but will certainly be photos from your social media or news from content providers.

The other will be named ‘Chromecast Chromecast Audio’ and will operate in the same way as Chromecast-dongle, but will transfer the audio to the home’s facilities rather than moving images to ground the altar.

Leaked photos hint at at the same time that the new entity will completely scrap the dongle-format instead to be a small round case with the necessary inputs and outputs for music streaming, including a mini jack plug.

How much the two new units will cost remains to be seen, but will certainly not increase significantly as compared to the 270.0-NOK it costs today. The two new units are expected to make debut for a Google-launch event on 29 March. September.