Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses

What all have in common Audrey Hepburn in breakfast with diamonds, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and the actors of Reservoir Dogs?

The answer is that all of them have been some famous Ray-Ban before the cameras. And it is that the sunglasses Ray-Ban have earned Freehand the fact of becoming a fashion icon.

This article will analyze 4 Sunglasses Ray-Ban of four of its most famous models: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Aviator, Ray-Ban Clubmaster and Ray-Ban Erika. If you’re a lover of the sunglasses can not miss reading this article: in addition to curiosities about the brand you will find very interesting offers.

Then, the best deals. To see the characteristics of each, read the article!

Ray-Ban, a historical brand

Ray-Ban sunglasses are used for the first time by the body air of the army of the United States; Aviator model was selected for the soldiers and airmen wear them. Thus, during the years 30 and 40, the Ray-Ban Aviator made famous by their military use, even to the eyes of General Douglas MacArthur. From the 1950s, and the feeling of change of the population once the war, Ray-Ban adapts to this and throws the Wayfarer model: another total success.

After that, Ray-Ban has become, decade after decade, a true icon of fashion and the culture of the United States first, and the Western world then.

Today, with a variety of sunglasses, we can say that Ray-Ban is the largest brand of this supplement that has become essential for many.

What is your model? Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster or Erika?

Everything will depend on the shape of your face.

If you have a triangular-shaped face, do not hesitate: the Aviator are your model. If your face is square, choose the Clubmaster; the Wayfarer and the Erika are great faces of rounded shape; and if you’re so lucky to have an oval face, you’re in luck, because virtually all types of glasses are fine, so take advantage!

4 Ray Ban Aviator

The genuine, original, the world-famous Aviator Ray-Ban are the model of the American brand. Its form of gout was created specifically for the Airmen of the United States Army since the aviation section was looking for glasses with the possible more like their vision lenses, but with less weight and more comfortable. The Aviator were selected and since then have become an icon of fashion, both men and women.

The classic of the 1930s were the Golden mount, but nowadays you can get different shades, as well as their lenses, which can be black, Brown, gold, pink, blue, Orange, grey, greenish…

What does not change are its main features: metal frame, reinforcement of rubber at the end of the PIN, protectors of silicone nose and double, also metal bridge.


-A model that never goes out of fashion

-It looks good in almost all kinds of faces, especially the triangular

-Variety of colors to choose from, both frame and lenses


-Although it carries silicone protectors on the nose if you have a little sensitive skin, such parts brand will remain you

-It can be so classic is too seen and it ends up being unoriginal

-Some models can cost more than €200, somewhat excessive for sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Aviator are the perfect model if you want a complement that never goes out of fashion. Choose the color that you like and enjoy sunglasses comfortable, quality, that can be used with many styles.

The model Gigi Hadid, the actress Katie Holmes, actor Tom Cruise or the model face Delenvingne are also some hardcore loving celebrities of the Ray-Ban Aviator. And you?