Celebrity Wedding Dresses: the Flops

A Celebrity Bride In Wedding Dress Looks Like A Dying Swan, The Other Like A Cream Meringue: Prominence Protects Taste Aberration Not.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion in a truly memorable dress, but unfortunately nothing is right here. The headdress is too exaggerated, the dress with embroidery one overloaded and the jewelry pieffig. But no matter, marriage is happy, that’s what counts, isn’t it?


A cream meringue dream by David+Elisabeth Emanuel: Please do not cry out, there’s a reason that this dress at this point is! It was also already in 1981 not really nice, it was overloaded and cheesy and the dream of a 19 year old, noble kindergarten teacher-therefore was forgiven’s Diana. That she would become a real style icon, settled on the basis of this Wedding dress not an idea.

Sarah Ferguson

Lindka Cierach, the designer of this ivory Duchesse satin robe for Sarah Ferguson, saved nothing and wanted too much. But fairy tale weddings of the 80s probably needed a great deal of kitsch. Sister-in-law Diana had been Yes six years previously so perfectly it.

Cora Brinkmann

This dress by Escada is design overkill: too many ruffles, too many different styles-and what’s with the corset lacing, opens also not. The miniskirt stresses while the undoubtedly great legs CoraBrinkmann, but lack the courage to consistent mini dress then. A train had also still here, ample train. The dress looks as if the bride too much in the design would have interfered… And where the “fashion police” was then this chain and the corkscrew curls?

GÜLcan Kabeer

A dream in white: 2000 Swarovski crystals, transparent tulle, giant veil, backless with a heart emblem… As it says in the press release to the dress by designer Gitte Roerdink-Veldboom (GI VERO Düsseldorf). It has beat us all at the sight of bride Gülcan Kabeer the language. We are not even sure whether the dress did the VIVA kids. It is a mistake, a wonderful provocateur, cheap and vulgar.

Infanta Elena

Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar at her wedding in the Cathedral of Seville: The older sister of Crown Prince Felipe smiles slightly distressed. Whether she already suspects that their marriage will not hold? Some 12 years later, on November 13, 2007, their separation will be officially announced. The dress is also depressing boredom, it seems uninspired and simple to Elena to enormously.

Corinna Schumacher

And yet a Schumacher pair under the not so successful wedding outfits: Corinna looks relatively well, but what does the lovely husband?Kerpen costume? And an ill fitting to do this.

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