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Sexy Delicacy: Bras without Bulge

Unfurnished bras are the darling of women in love with practicality and comfort. Lightweight, pliable and super-gorgeous to wear, these models do not squeeze, hurt or transform the natural shape of the breasts.

Next, check out a list of six versions – it’s for everyone! – with tips to tear up! Ah! All styles are available at Le Lingerie. And the best: you can split up to 12x on the card. Arrase! Continue reading

The Choice of the Piece Underneath Makes All the Difference

The year is drawing to a close and the days approaching are celebration and party. As important as the look to be chosen to shine at the time is the lingerie that makes up the production. Nothing worse than panties scoring on the silk dress or bra getting the grace of a neckline. A fair dress, for example, would lose all the charm with knickers marking on clothing. In this case, the seamless or double-breasted piece on the bottom does not leave marks on the dress. Continue reading

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Sports Bras

Sport makes you happy. Regular exercise promotes good health and helps to burn off excess body fat. At the workout the appropriate attire may not be missing. More and more fashion labels include fitness clothing in their program. Sweaty athletes in jogging pants and simple T-Shirts with Werbeprints are finding little more in fitness studios. Who like shows everyday in fashionable outfits, invested in the sport in trendy fitness clothing of the hippest brands. Women should pay attention not only to chic shirts and pants, but create also a sports bra that fits to the specific requirements of your body. But what sports bra holds, what he promises and what should women when shopping look? Continue reading