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Misfit Vapor Presented: Waterproof Smart watch with Gps

Misfit is entering the market of Smart watches fully, the Vapor is a round Smart watch Nevertheless certainly for the one or the other interesting. Vapor is the new Misfit watch, which is also mainly designed for fitness and has a few special features. The integrated GPS sensor is certainly a good thing for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and a heart rate monitor is also integrated here. Continue reading

Moto by Lenovo Will Return Motorola, No New Smart watch

Lenovo had after the takeover of Motorola tried to build the brand Moto by Lenovo, but this went more or less backwards. Motorola should disappear from the mind, at Lenovo one wanted only the Moto brand. In the meantime one has to recognize that this was not a very good idea, simply because Motorola is a too strong brand in some markets and should be better developed. Continue reading

New Smart watches Vivomove Hr, Vivosport and Vivoactive 3 Presented

During the IFA, Garmin presented three new Smart watches, the brandnew portfolio offers a wide range of devices. If you want to use a normal clock with smart functions, you will probably decide for the vivomove HR (200 Euro). This is a normal clock, which offers a small additional display to display various additional functions. These include notifications, heart rate, or the data on the automatically detected activities. Continue reading

5 Amazing Tips of How to Combine Bracelets and Watches

A charming women’s accessories, without doubt, is the combination of bracelets and watches. In addition to unite utility and beauty, they complement any look, from the most casual to the most elegant, leaving the look unique and full of style. However, one of the biggest questions of the readers is about matching bracelets and watches. So, Let’s clarify all doubts once and for all, besides giving tips on how not to overindulge in choosing these accessories! Continue reading

Blocks: Modular Smart watch Can Be Pre-Ordered

Blocks is the first modular Android Smart watch and it is finally delivered towards the end of the year, now you can pre-order your copy and the modules with it. Actually, the idea of ​​a modular Smart watch is incredibly simple and yet quite awesome. You only have to rethink the link bracelet that has existed for decades. Thus, the modules available for blocks are “attached” to the Smart watch and can thus also be exchanged quite easily. Continue reading

Smartwatch X Wristwatch From The Point Of View Fashion

There are more or less 1 year Motorola showed the Australian public your first smartwatch clock, the Bike 360, but other brands already showed similar products without, however, achieve a result as good as regards design, because the gadget was what most resembled the conventional wristwatch next LG G Watch.

Following such events began a debate on the future of this type of device and if he one day could replace the traditional watches.Obviously a lot of people ran to defend Swiss mechanisms and the craftsmanship of the watchmakers, while others readily decreed the smartwatches as being the evolution that the clocks needed to keep up with current technology. Even here in the men’s Channel we have come to discuss about this podcast. Continue reading

Galaxy Gear, the Smartwatch From Samsung

Since Syfy films of 50 years the man imagine creating a watch with the most modern features. In recent times, with technology evolving rapidly, many companies have worked to launch a accessory of this type that at least resembled the image that is already part of the popular imagination, one of them was the Samsung presented last Thursday (10/10) your newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear, with him the brand believes the user will gain freedom because you won’t have to check your smartphone constantly, since both will be connected and the Hi-Tech Watch will bring alerts than is necessary. Continue reading

Omega Seamaster diver 300 m ETNZ for the 35th America’s Cup

James Bond wore in multiply movies an Omega Seamaster watch. But even the secret agent does not know this watch still Cup she was recently launched it on the occasion of the 2017 annual America.

For many years, Omega is partner of the sailing team Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ), which regularly takes part in large regattas. So too the 35th America’s Cup in 2017. To shorten the waiting time to the important sports event, Omega has now brought a new Seamaster chronograph in honor of the team on the market. Continue reading

Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar Watch

The Swiss manufacturer of Antoine Martin launches with the Antoine Martin Perpetual Calendar now granted a special variant of the successful collection – a timepiece, the dial is skeletonized and an insight into the caliber open dial. At the same time, the journal gives a sporty appearance, living at the same time by striking technical impressed the clock. Continue reading