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Some Favourite Sports Shoes for Women

Everyone knows that most women are in love with shoes. While they have available models that are restricted to sporting, country and social, they can choose from a multitude of models. But what would be the darlings? To know the answer the Woman tips site did a poll with the netizens and found out what the models that do more success among the chicks. About 100,000 readers voted and chose from your favorite models. Check out below the top 10 footwear more women like and see tips to match each with the outfit and the occasion. Continue reading

Concessionaire Lends Bicycle to Those Who Leave Car in Maintenance

Have you ever imagined taking the car to pack and get out pedaling? This was the idea implanted by Glauco Fiorante, commercial director of a concessionaire in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. At the store, customers who leave the car for maintenance have the option of borrowing a bike to return home or stroll through the city. Continue reading

Camp with More Peace of Mind with Tent for 4 People

There is now more enjoyable in this life than to get together with friends and family, leave the stress of the city and leave for camping? Make that fire, eat a marshmallow, do a luau with only a guitar and still counting those dreaded horror stories … These are extremely pleasurable and recreational activities for both adults and children. Continue reading

Outdoor Clothing

What what ─ functional materials and quality textiles overview

Whether for a short active vacation, a months-long trekking trip around the world or a weekend getaway in the mountains, the market for outdoor clothing offers exactly the right equipment for all needs and weather conditions. There, it is but sometimes hard to figure out which of the functional materials and membranes are correct. Therefore there are the different materials and labels in the area of the met here once an overview. Continue reading

Fishing Techniques

Fishing for la dorada is not without its difficulties, especially since the dorada is a fish of capricious and unpredictable customs. The technique used for fishing of dorada varies depending on the place. We can fish golden in the interior of the ports or along the outer rocks, of the malecones, in beaches of sand, in the mouths of the rivers (sometimes tends to rise them), in the lagoons where it is sheltered during the winter and , Above all, where you can find hatcheries of mussels and oysters in which it produces havoc. Continue reading

Football Vs. Knee

Soccer, a game by teams in which the rivals face each other playing with a ball that must go through the line of the opposing goal to mark a goal. Saying thus may seem simple but involves strategy, teamwork, fellowship and other values. In addition to being a vehicle for the promotion of health for young people and adults. All this will depend on coach leading a team and the members that form it. Continue reading