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Backpack with Alarm to Prevent Theft When You Are Distracted

Nowadays we can already find backpacks that have much more functions than saving a notebook, book or carry the weight of a notebook in the back.Some comes with rechargeable battery that will give a charge to your gadgets that you are carrying and others even recharge this battery with a solar panel.But the problem is that with so much money we carry, such as cell phones, tablets and notebooks, it is dangerous to leave the backpack somewhere, but for this problem there is a backpack that comes with integrated alarm. Continue reading

I’m Thinking of Getting a Cat and Where to Start?

Posted by Dog citizen in 20/may/2015-

By Cassia R Cardoso dos Santos, student and Citizen Dog Team behavioral consultant.

In fact, the answer to this question begins even before the arrival of the kitten! Yes, there are some steps that can be taken before you brought him, that will be a guarantee of security and peace of mind for everyone. Continue reading

Best Waffle Machines and Ice Machines

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best machine for waffles.

The waffles are a typical dessert of the Belgian and American tradition, if in these countries can easily find fast food or bar offering this particular type of waffle, in Italy it is very difficult to find these sweets, even in supermarkets. The ingredients are very simple, we will only cover eggs, butter, flour and sugar to quickly obtain the dough liquid that we used to make waffles. For this, in our country, many people buy the plates for this type of waffle. Continue reading

Wedding Gift Ideas

To the wedding you bring a present. At least this is the case. For this you need a good wedding gift idea – you do not want to give anything of any use. We introduce you here a few wedding gift ideas for every purse.

There are three different categories for the wedding gift ideas:wedding gifts for crafting, wedding gifts for the wedding or, of course, the simple variant – gifts for buying. Continue reading

Lasting Gifts To The Wedding

Yeah I know you all are actually just as wildly busy to get Christmas gifts, Christmas celebrations and markets to visit and to plaster cookies. Traditionally rather the time to plan his wedding!That’s why is this post more to friends and relatives. If you just thought about Christmas gifts for the bride and groom, then you can waste Yes sometimes one two thought of it sort of thing then could be given this bride and groom to the wedding. Good organization is all not true 😉 And the early bird and so… Continue reading

Shorts Cut Off

Rescue those lost jeans in the closet and turn into cut-off shorts, summer bet

Do you know those old, forgotten jeans in the closet?It can gain a new look and be transformed into one of the trends for this summer.

The cut offs are a great bet for the season where shorts lead among the most used parts.Many celebrities have already joined the shorts cut off and are on the streets with looks to inspire. Continue reading