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Wedding Gift Ideas

To the wedding you bring a present. At least this is the case. For this you need a good wedding gift idea – you do not want to give anything of any use. We introduce you here a few wedding gift ideas for every purse.

There are three different categories for the wedding gift ideas:wedding gifts for crafting, wedding gifts for the wedding or, of course, the simple variant – gifts for buying. Continue reading

Lasting Gifts To The Wedding

Yeah I know you all are actually just as wildly busy to get Christmas gifts, Christmas celebrations and markets to visit and to plaster cookies. Traditionally rather the time to plan his wedding!That’s why is this post more to friends and relatives. If you just thought about Christmas gifts for the bride and groom, then you can waste Yes sometimes one two thought of it sort of thing then could be given this bride and groom to the wedding. Good organization is all not true 😉 And the early bird and so… Continue reading

Shorts Cut Off

Rescue those lost jeans in the closet and turn into cut-off shorts, summer bet

Do you know those old, forgotten jeans in the closet?It can gain a new look and be transformed into one of the trends for this summer.

The cut offs are a great bet for the season where shorts lead among the most used parts.Many celebrities have already joined the shorts cut off and are on the streets with looks to inspire. Continue reading

Fake Clothing

I have begun to look more and more for nice jeans on auction sites such as ebay, eBay, block etc. It’s the most RMC and Evisu I check after. What I wonder is if there is any way you can check if the article is genuine. I have found a number of pages with RMC pants for only 95 dollars and on eBay to buy Evisu for under a thousand patches that seemingly are original (with tags, etc). Think it’s strange that Evisu has zipper? Continue reading

Tenson Outdoor Clothing

Tenson was completely unknown, me up before the OAS even though there is the brand name since 1951. The Swedish brand specializes in clothing in the field of outdoor, ski, and Navy. We had the opportunity to test several different parts. On one hand we have a Softshell jacket (the blue model in the photo below) receive, one Hardshell jacket (green model), as well as a rain set consisting of jacket and pants. Continue reading

Outdoor Clothing

What what ─ functional materials and quality textiles overview

Whether for a short active vacation, a months-long trekking trip around the world or a weekend getaway in the mountains, the market for outdoor clothing offers exactly the right equipment for all needs and weather conditions. There, it is but sometimes hard to figure out which of the functional materials and membranes are correct. Therefore there are the different materials and labels in the area of the met here once an overview. Continue reading