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Wedding Dress: Your Choose

The occasion more special in the life of a woman’s time and that she wants to be beautiful the most beautiful of all.
And the wedding dress needs to be thought of fondly, the professional that you chose to make your dress is there to help you in the choice and details of the costume. With a wealth of experience the professional can give you tips on which model suits you best, because there are important details with time, silhouette, breasts, waist, fabric, color, modeling, the accessories and the personality of the woman who will walk down the aisle. Continue reading

Wedding Gowns: Photos and Models

Wedding Dresses

Wedding brides or brides dresses, scheduled for next year may already be excited to know all about the main trends in bridal gowns 2017. Little by little will going on the shows geared to this thread, and popping up the first images of the main collections of bridal gowns for the following seasons. To rock on your wedding and receive many compliments for the bride looking in fashion, you are, see below, the models and styles of wedding dresses that will be highlighted to 2017. Continue reading

Maternity Clothes: Hints and Tips

Maternity Clothes

On the clothes of the pregnant women have to take into account your own modern style, but also high quality and perfect finish, valuing thus comfort, through a special modeling ensures safety for pregnant, according to their new needs and changes of your body over the 9 months of pregnancy and even after postpartum to recover your former shape and go back to using their old clothes. Continue reading

Look Bodybuilding or Basic Running

Whether it’s in the gym or on the street, the first step to choosing the look is to take comfort into account.  Wearing a top in the right size and with ideal support for running, for example, ends up influencing the training. It’s very simple: you do not have to worry about pulling your clothes to one side or the other and you will not feel pain in the end. So here’s the question: how to choose the fitness look: by trend, by sport, by your body type or all together? Continue reading