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Android Auto Will Remove Restrictions (At Stop)

Improvements in Google’s April have also come down to one of its lines of work less prolific, Android Auto. The latest version brings two new features that will cheer to some of its users, especially to Spanish speakers in America.

But before, the technical changes. The first guarantees an more reliable connection between the terminal and the vehicle’s system. It should be remembered that, as we explained Alejandro Nieto in its test Android Auto Fund, the first step is to connect two devices through key since it does not allow union using Bluetooth. Continue reading

Google Cardboard Plastic, Real Virtual Reality of The Day of The Innocents in The United States

“It’s as if you take anything,” said Ned Flanders to try new Google Cardboard Plastic, overwhelmed by the fidelity of the image opening pass through thin plastic film. His sense of realism was almost indescribable, so fascinating that lit up her face and her smile tensed with so much breadth the glue that was holding his glasses slipped and hit her in a tooth.

This is the fake gadget the US giant announced as one of his jokes of the day of the innocents of United States, April’s Fools Day, as the photos using emojis Finder. Easier to catch and less compromised than the button sends with audio in Gmail fake so upset and so much controversy has generated among the users of mail client. Continue reading

Prepares 1,500 Euros to Meet The G5 with Their LG LG Friends

Finally come to light the European prices of LG Friends, Add-ins that will make the LG G5 an almost modular phone, an experience changing for each user depending on your needs, your tastes and, above all, your pocket. Because, in the absence of knowing how much it costs the most interesting of all, the bot rolling, presented at the Mobile World Congress already contains more than slope the terminal itself. Continue reading

Android Wear in Baselworld 2016: Nixon, Fossil and Michael Kors Presented Five New Watches

Now we need to add a new appointment to our calendar to know all the What’s new in Android, We not only have to pay attention to the fairs in technology such as the CES in las Vegas, IFA in Berlin, MWC in Barcelona or Computex Taipei, now we also have to pay attention to the fairs of Watch and jewellery.

Google with its platform Android Wear It has gotten directly at the point of most important event for the sector of watches and jewelry, in the global classroom BASELWORLD of Switzerland that it is celebrating 17 to March 24. There they were presented five new Android Wear watches created by traditional watch manufacturers Nixol, Fossil y Michael Kors. Continue reading

Google Hangouts: We Tested The Google Messaging App

It was one of the novelties that more were expected by Google for the I/o this year: a unified messaging system and her to avoid duplication in services. After a long time with GTalk, Google Plus Messenger and Google Chat in GMail, he would still need that Google unified these services in one only to not get dizzy users.

After many rumors with names, among which were Babble and Babel, finally the name given is Hangouts, a name that had been used for videoconferences in Google Plus and now expanding to the rest of Google messaging services. The result is a good service, innovative but with an aspect that does not like more Puritans. Continue reading

What Can Bring a Smartwatch with Android Wear to Your Day to Day

It seemed that the smartwatches were in the doldrums, because just this year it has presented nothing remarkable new and less with Android Wear, until the arrival of the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100, which at the moment Nixon Mission has left. Despite his absence during the Mobile World Congress, the manufacturers are betting on these smart watches, with a broad portfolio available in companies like LG and Samsung (although this latest venture by Tizen). Continue reading

The Nixon Mission Android Wear for Surfers Resists 10 Atmospheres of Pressure and Bumps in The Snow

The entrance of the manufacturers of traditional clocks in the world of the Android Watches is causing a diversification and welcome, at least for those who can afford an increase in quality that is very.

The last company to make the leap is Nixon, arriving in this segment without losing his rebellious, sports and a little pija vein. Its first model, called Mission, is aimed at lovers of surfing and snowboarding or skiing equally by applications that have included both the robustness of its manufacture. Continue reading