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Advantages of Using LED Flashlights

Flashlights are indispensable equipment in a multitude of situations. At home, to deal with blackouts and possible exploitations in places without lighting (attics, built-in cabinets, etc.), as in the car, on the camping or in the company. Before long the simplest solution was the use of incandescent bulbs. However, these lamps have a number of features that make them take a big disadvantage when compared to LEDs. Continue reading

7 Tips To Use In Decorating Chandeliers

The chandeliers are decorative elements that really make all the difference in environments, right? Exquisite, elegant and sophisticated, they light up the space and give a special shine to the decor. The only problem is that this type of attachment is not so easy to match as it sounds. In this case, the line between the good and the bad taste is pretty tenuous. To help you in this complicated Mission and decorate your home beautifully using chandeliers, we have listed here some amazing tips. Were you curious? Then check out: Continue reading

Review: IMALENT SA04

LED: 2 Led Cree XM-L2 + 2 Led RGB 5.0 mm.

MODES: Dimming via touch screen. Color led 1 mode. Modes pushbutton strobe, SOS and beacon.
SWITCH: Push-button ignition. Intensity and color by touch screen led. Modes button.
OTHER: Digital output regulated, polarity of batteries, operating voltage of 2.4 to 8 v. Resistente to fall 1.5 m, IP – X 8 2 meters.


I present an Imalent, the SA04 Lantern. A lantern which caught my attention because in a content size incorporating features such as touch screen, color led, regulation of the temperature of the light rare. They become these feature together with its system of supply with AA batteries in a our site that could be described as different. Continue reading

LED Bike Lights for Mountain Biking

Passing through mountain biking until the city bike, your two wheels must be equipped obligatorily with 2 lights: a light yellow or white at the front and a red light to the rear. Several solutions exist to be seen and to see bike. Here is a method to choose his fire according to his need.

Choose a fire according to the brightness

What light power to choose?

The lumen (lm) is the unit of measure of the effectiveness of the light, which is the amount of energy emitted by a source in the form of light radiation. As the lux, it also measures the effectiveness of the light but per unit area.

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Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Night Light

We at night… you fall asleep on the beaches of Nouméa with a nice turtle who visits baby Hummingbird…

I had a real crush on this night light in the shape of sea turtle that I did add to the list of birth of baby Hummingbird. At the beginning I see not much interest to have two pilot (we had already opted for the model Nomad at Pabobo, I’m talking here )… and in the end I could see that these two lights are both different and complementary… Continue reading

Architecture Design for House Plan

We know how cumbersome and tiring reform can be. We also know that the result almost always worth your efforts and a small change in the architecture of your home can completely change the way you relate to your home.

To give you a little inspiration at the time of struggle, the webpage separated 6 projects of existing spaces reforms that have achieved incredible results. See below:

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Italian Designer Lamps

I love lamps in which you realize that designers have thought about creating a product differently.While rummaging through anonline store, I came across the Assolo floor lamp, a product that I want to introduce you today like.

Luta Bettonica is the designer who is behind the Assolo floor lamp.Luta was born in Milan in 1968, is a designer. Together with her father, Franco Bettonica, she worked as an architect and designer and has kept her passion for designing products until today. one of her works is the Assolo floor lamp.

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