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How to organize your jewelry/Bijus

Because like the clothes, the accessories should also be organized in a way that is practical and functional, preferably let in sight all your options so you can always view and know what they are. Because if people keep something that is kind of hidden at the bottom of a locked box in the closet, under the clothes, is in danger of being forgotten and never be used because not remember you have. That’s why everything should be as visible as possible. Continue reading

6 Beautiful Ways to Wear Earrings

1. Beautiful Cheating

You have no ear piercing? No problem. The times of the comic clip earrings, which do not even particularly well looked schummelten a piercing, where none was are long forgotten. The so-called ‘ear cuffs’ are new. These can be individually attached to the side of the ear. Best of all: You are a pain-free alternative to the piercing and this ultra-modern look. Ear cuffs are there for example about asos, to 7.50 euros. Continue reading

Buy Your Favorite Gem Artouro Amethyst Jewelry Online

Gifting is a delicious Act of love for both gets and who presents. And receive gems of this is always a surprise to remember. They determine a degree of intensity so strong between the people involved and charm the beauty, brilliance and uniqueness, in addition to last a lifetime. Is the perfect gift for those who do not want to be forgotten. Continue reading

5 Amazing Tips of How to Combine Bracelets and Watches

A charming women’s accessories, without doubt, is the combination of bracelets and watches. In addition to unite utility and beauty, they complement any look, from the most casual to the most elegant, leaving the look unique and full of style. However, one of the biggest questions of the readers is about matching bracelets and watches. So, Let’s clarify all doubts once and for all, besides giving tips on how not to overindulge in choosing these accessories! Continue reading

You Know the Blog of Frances Jewelry?

In less than two months I decided to start a project and managed to put on the air the blog of Frances Jewelry! There I and my team talked about fashion trends, hair types and styles, tips on makeup and many other curiosities about the world of semi jewelry. And with the help of collaborators working on Frances, we always find special publications as does our process of submitting applications for our customers. Here in the House everybody has your value and seek increasingly to be close to our customers, taking a little of our day to day life to them! Continue reading