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Kipling Bags

Kipling Bags Launching

The Kipling Bags have always been outstanding because they have won the young public offering a more funky backpack model, but today we have so many models of bags and backpacks of this brand that it is difficult to choose and say which is more beautiful and more interesting as well.Today we will see the launches of this brand for this year, in fact this brand always has great launches, but we have to keep an eye, even more because the products are beautiful and sell a lot too.So we have to analyze so that we can acquire the one that most pleases us. Continue reading

Handbags, Hats, Shoes and Accessories Tips and Amazing Models

Fashion and beauty Not1 Bags hats, shoes and accessories

Check out the new craze, fashion for young gay and cool … Shoes that look like clogs full of details and romantic colors buckles. For you to use on hot days. Comfortable shoes for the day to day or even for a ballad. Looks good with jeans, t-shirts and dresses sporting … Enjoy the amazing fashion designs tips and stay beautiful and very well dressed. Continue reading

How to Tell If a Bag is Fake

Too good to be true. How many times have you thought watching a wonderful bag on the stands, maybe super branded, at a bargain price? Many, many times.Unfortunately, in most cases, the great opportunities are false sad. It is therefore a mistake to be groped. First of all fuel this kind of market is not good, nor trendy nor the economy, then it is really worth to buy an imitation, albeit well done? Continue reading

Littlelife – Children Love These Backpacks

Whether boy or girl, children enjoy bags of any kind. Proudly, they store their important treasures to have them always with you. They play with handbags, briefcases, shopping bags, but most them buckle to the own backpack is. If the little ones on your discovery tours the provisions, perhaps a change-T-shirt, and her luck even wear, then are they pretty independent. LittleLife has developed a special series, which makes children’s eyes shine. Watch how your child turns into a small ladybug, for example. Continue reading

How to Create New Looks

The next two weekends of April, 15-17 and 22-24, finally returned to the Summer Festival Coachella in Indio, California. Independent, rock, hip hop and electronic music will alternate relentlessly on the stages, while fashion is already cult

In less than a week the Coachella mania will explode again: the Californian summer music festival that opens the season of summer musical events that count, you Gypsy soul. Boho style which conquered the whole globe continues to welcome new faithful friends of crochet, earrings with feathers and garlands of flowers. If you are sensitive to the issue, read here how to create new combinations in a Coachella! Continue reading

Best Selling Mens Designer Wallets

Wallets there since the Middle Ages. At that time there were still pockets, simply with a cord at the belt was fastened. Today we introduce a wallet somewhat different requirements.For a wallet must not only practical, but also be chic. Of course, it should also suit us. It is ideal if you are buying a is new bag already got the perfectly matched wallet to. With the changeover to the euro, many purses were just too small, not because we had more money, but because the bills has become bigger and the small change even smaller.

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Different Types of Bags for Different Occasions

Pouch bag, box or baguette? When that bag fits best and what is so special about each individual, you read here in our practical lexicon for bag lovers!


The name says it: This handbag is the perfect companion for every shopping tour. Since it is larger and more spacious than most handbags, provides plenty of space for shopping and everything you need for the day. Even for a weekend trip it may be sufficient well organized as hand luggage. In English we say “dead” to her – of “to carry”, “carrying”. It was invented as early as 1900. At that time she was still made ​​of sturdy fabric or leather. Today everything is permitted, what pleases and suits – from super simple to striking.

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Balenciaga Resort Collection

Paris was the scene of one of the most anticipated resort collections, that of Balenciaga and his beloved Nicolas Ghesquière. Ghesquière is undoubtedly one of the most visionary designers of our time, convinced that his vision is not afraid to dare and experiment, and by this his character has won the hearts of many fashionistas, who own Balenciaga fans are fierce. Having said that actually the resort 2011 collection lascia- or at least I lascia-a bit ‘perpelssa. Pass the tests, pass the exercises in style, and also the steps particular vision of the well-known designer who gave the brand a spirit not too futuristic covertly that distinguishes it and now characterizes it. Continue reading

Furla Clear Plastic Handbag

The plastic accessories are a must-have, this year have been a stratospheric success and were offered a bit ‘from all the designers and fashion houses. I must say that in my opinion those who know we do more is undoubtedly Furla who married the cause plastic and PVC so that they become the protagonists of the entire collection spring summer 2011! Let’s see the most cool and attractive plastic accessories to show off at all times of the day. Again, the secret to a look of success is not to overdo it! Continue reading