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Brand Idea: Lowa Function Shoes

A crucial component to be right for the Outdooraktivtät, in terms of recreational or professional, makes it to be fitted to the right footwear. Hours movement under the open sky, in the snow and wintry temperatures, makes special demands on the choice of appropriate footwear. Particularly the property of the Atmunsaktivtät to the fore, which ensures the Feuchtigkeitsabtransport from the inside to the outside through increased air circulation and the use of semipermeable membranes occurs with increased movement request. The company tradition Iowa this just opts for the use of high-quality Gore-Tex® functional materials, which both provides against the penetration of moisture and by the unilateral Durchglässigkeit of the material tissue allows for the quick removal of perspiration moisture. Continue reading

How to Create New Looks

The next two weekends of April, 15-17 and 22-24, finally returned to the Summer Festival Coachella in Indio, California. Independent, rock, hip hop and electronic music will alternate relentlessly on the stages, while fashion is already cult

In less than a week the Coachella mania will explode again: the Californian summer music festival that opens the season of summer musical events that count, you Gypsy soul. Boho style which conquered the whole globe continues to welcome new faithful friends of crochet, earrings with feathers and garlands of flowers. If you are sensitive to the issue, read here how to create new combinations in a Coachella! Continue reading

Comfortable Women’s Shoes for Summer

The warm days are coming, and now it’s time again to look for the latest summer trends. This summer, almost all trends related to it.But what use the latest and most beautiful shoes, if you do not feel comfortable in it? Another important factor is that the lufitgen transgressors are convenient for you. Clothing should not be too tight, but airy and comfortable. This also applies, and is particularly important – in the shoes!

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Outdoor Shoes

Boots are rugged women’s shoes , which in addition to a non-slip sole also water resistant outer material.Since in the 80s leisure activities in the great outdoors including hiking, climbing or cycling, for many were interesting again, this brought the development of outdoor shoes on a large scale ahead with great speed. Boots today range from children’s shoes up to the special climbing shoe and the market offers ample selection of brand quality. Women’s shoes are available in the range, for example, as boots, trekking sandals or walking shoes.

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What Shoes Fit My Style

Women today as years ago, love to shop shoes. For this reason, many large companies shoes strive to increase its arsenal of various types of shoes, such as diversifying models of women’s dress shoes, women’s boots, ladies boots, women’s footwear and women’s summer or winter boots. More stores offer shoes online ladies who prefer not to walk around the shops for hours in search of the perfect shoe models that can suit their handbags.

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Nurture Your Boots

Buying a pair of quality boots are an investment that will serve you in tough conditions for a long time. The life of qualitative boots never go to judge when it is impossible to say what the boots will be exposed. Something that can be said is that the boots will love the shoe care will last considerably longer.


Your boots feel bad to be dirty over time. Have you always time to fix the boots after each turn (to have the goal anyway). Use a brush and lukewarm water. If the boots are not clean in lukewarm water for example, after a long hike in the muddy conditions, you need to use a detergent designed for leather shoes. Remove soles and laces, and do not return them until everything is clear. When you remove the insoles, you must be careful to ensure that no stone is left under the sole and the shoe.

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Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pumps

In this long summer we often talked of shoes most loved by the stars, now let us see the platform pump from Yves Saint Laurent, they are beautiful and glamorous and with a design sculpture created between heel and platform, are shoes that see them from images beautiful but they do not seem to wear a completely different effect, right? The Yves Saint Laurent shoes are called Imperial Platform Pumps and I are part of the Spring Summer 2010 collection, in fact, are already sold out! Continue reading

Slippers for Kids

Children are that part of the population most inclined to use slippers. Are appropriate, in fact, to be worn in times of study and even in moments of the game. Turns out to be good for children’s slippers, as we have already mentioned, have non-slip tires under the sole of the foot. Slippers designed for children have various designs and depictions of their favorite cartoons or of their idols. For the children we also offer slippers shaped like animals or fruits or other types of subjects. The latter type of slipper is very popular with kids who see it almost as a game, as a plush toy. Are safe because you are always equipped with non-slip, but it’s true that the heads of the animals represented can be a hindrance to their movements and are therefore recommended for children over one year who know maybe you already walk reasonably well.

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