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Tips for Wearing Leggings with Shiny Fabrics

The shiny fabric or metallic leggings, also called disco pants, made a huge success in the Decade of 70, Disco-era, and are back on the streets more current than ever. Comfortable and stylish, they can be used in all seasons and in many different looks. For you to invest in this play the wildcard wardrobe without getting too sexy in inappropriate moments, the Publisher sets Luciana Vasconcelos gives some tips. Continue reading

Sandals for the Summer Trends

To be fashionable and cool in the summer I ever knocks, nothing better than to bet on a beautiful sandal. And for 2012, the main trends point super colorful sandals, where reigns the shades of yellow, lime green, coral, blue, red, purple and pink. As well as the natural tones, which refer to the artisanal fashion, as the nude, raw, earthy tones, black and off-white. Continue reading

How to Customize Shoes with Pearls, Wedding Shoe

Every bride has a particularity, a taste and a different beauty. Some like the classic traditional style while others prefer to modernism, but regardless of tastes, all want to be radiant and beautiful in your dream day. And although we are different, we women, at least most of them, like having your brand on the altar. So, creative ideas are born for those who like to add something in your items or enjoy doing and create their own things giving that personal touch. Continue reading

Wiesn Shoes for Oktoberfest

Wiesn Shoes Matching The Costume

Which shoes fit my Dirndl or my leather pants? This question arises every year when the Oktoberfest is at its doorstep. Women have several options when choosing shoes. Depending on weather and feeling, ballerinas are always a good choice. Especially for long Wiesn days the flat allrounder is recommended. Color can be adapted to the color of the Dirndl or apron. Continue reading

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Boots in Winter

Some say that the cold makes people more stylish! And that’s true. The men’s boots and women come out of the closet and become key to ride a sleek and stylish. But, at the same time that people get more beautiful and tidy, the boots end up suffering the consequences. See 5 tips for taking care of your boots in the winter. After all, they deserve a special treat. Continue reading

Some Favourite Sports Shoes for Women

Everyone knows that most women are in love with shoes. While they have available models that are restricted to sporting, country and social, they can choose from a multitude of models. But what would be the darlings? To know the answer the Woman tips site did a poll with the netizens and found out what the models that do more success among the chicks. About 100,000 readers voted and chose from your favorite models. Check out below the top 10 footwear more women like and see tips to match each with the outfit and the occasion. Continue reading

Fashion Style

Sex and the City 2 has arrived in theaters in New York and of course the four girls who attended the premiere, beautiful and dreamlike look, each pursuing his own style, always impeccable and never dull. Today let us see the clothes, the photos and look that Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have chosen to present the first highly anticipated sequel to Sex and the City, also we speak, for months, even when the May 28, the day which will be released in Italy, was far away, and instead there now just three days. Continue reading