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Children’s Sunglasses Chilli Beans

Fashion designers make partnerships with companies to exalt their creations. It’s been so long that the sunglasses are no longer just a need for protection against the star King and his evil rays to vision and came to be seen as a piece that composes a visual look beautiful. And contrary to what many think, the kids can and should use these elements that are good for your health. Continue reading

Kris Jenner Sells Her Wardrobe

Have you wardrobe bursting? Make reselling (or resell online your clothes) as Kris Jenner, Vestiaire Collective gives away her bags by Hermès and Balmain dresses.

Kris Jenner is one that knows. She raised 5 daughters obsessed with fashion and has a respectable wardrobe. If it was your mother, you would not go to borrow from her closet a few Saint Laurent jacket or a pair of eyeglasses by Fendi? You bet!

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The Sunglasses

They all wear the Stars they love. Divas like Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld and Elton John are without even hardly imaginable, and even the Pope has: the sunglasses. As an object of the 20th century it has become the head of all the fashionable accessories made. Here, their development began anything but shiny.

Whether as glare protection, masquerade, it-piece, fashion accessory or Workwear: The sunglasses cult. Some models are even as famous as many a film legend, such as Wayfarer in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the “Blues Brothers” or the Italian Persol at “James Bond”. The glare protection is one of the classics of canvas and has now become a fashion statement for everyone. However, this was not always so. For a long time were sunglasses as medical prostheses, which have been associated with poor eyesight, defective vision or morbid sensitivity to light.

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Christina Aguilera, Carrera Sunglasses in The Last Videoclip

The Sunglasses are an accessory that are born to protect our eyes from the sun but in reality are an accessory of trend that you wear in summer and winter alike, and that in some cases, in the most out I must remind you, I am put also in the evening. Sunglasses, such as shoes and bags, enhance the look as well as a frame or a lens can talk to us, to say who we are and what we want! Today we see the sunglasses that the singer Christina Aguilera will wear in his latest video clips, eyewear Carrera in the new collection.

Christina Aguilera in her latest music video for the song ” Not Myself Tonight” wearing a pair of sunglasses Carrera Carrera Vintage Collection, beautiful glasses and fashion that become key accessory of the look of the amazing singer!

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Versace: Sunglasses are Inspired by Alice

We said it a million times by now that this would be the spring-summer dedicated to fables, particularly that brought into the world Lewis Carroll, the artistic dad Alice in Today, after one month after the movies of his ideal sequel to Alice in Wonderland directed by the visionary Tim Burton, fashion is totally conditioned by the myth of Alice, and the naive spirit of fairy tales and surreal characters that Alice meets in its path they have contaminated everything from jewelry to shoes, clothing. Why leave out the glasses then?

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