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How to Build a Laundry Room

To multiply functions in a small space, laundry must meet some management measures.Wash, dry, store, and sometimes iron, it is to organize the room to exploit at best volumes.

Originally assigned to the unique laundry, laundry rooms were long relegated outside our homes, the more often at the bottom of the garden. But with the advent of central heating by the end of the 19th

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Westwing Guide for Rustic Pendant

For intimate occasions, candles and lamps give the tone of intention. Already for any other moment in which it is sought to scare the darkness of the interior of his home, the rustic pendant can be his ideal candidate. As its name suggests, it stays attached to the ceiling, outstanding to bring light to the surroundings and more brightness to the good taste of its decoration, with a series of models that privilege as much the discretion as exuberance. Continue reading

Westwing Guide to Country Lamp

If you have a point of decoration, that goes well beyond the detail and deserves all care, this is the lighting. It is through it that we can create the desired mood, highlight details or hide the disadvantages of the environments. Source of warmth and tranquility, knowing how to choose the right lamp is very important. A piece that inspires a lot of charm, tranquility and that will make your home even more beautiful, is the country lamp. Continue reading

Modern City Wedding in Toronto: a Brit and Blonde Photography

This wedding is hardly to be overoffered by coolness. In the heart of the city of Toronto, in the Burroughes building, Jason and Yaryna have married. The two love their city so much that it went to their own wedding by public transport. As the two of them work in the advertising industry, they were also familiar with one of the modern varieties: online. After they met in person for the first time, it was clear to both: we want to see each other again. Jessica from a Brit and a blonde photography was finally allowed to hold the wedding of the two in pictures. Continue reading

Architecture Vision: a Reflection on the Lighting in Enterprise Environments

Due to the increasing number of activities performed in enclosed spaces, environmental comfort became the fundamental point in the conception of architectural projects. Lighting, one of the main variables of comfort, it is cause for great concern, especially in the areas of human resources and safety, be related not only to the visual aspect, but also the noise level and temperature. Continue reading

Mix of Prints

Harmony and modernity are characteristic of the project of the architect Eliana de Sousa. Upon request of the family-a couple and a grown daughter–the highlights of the room are the sober tones and striking geometric pattern on the fabric seat tropicalized mixed. This is a good combination when you want to highlight an object and neutralize the rest of the environment. “The prints should always have a color in common, such as the Eggplant present in bedspread, pillows and deep in the tropical print; black and white are already classics that combine with any other color, since that is punctuated at some objects”, Eliana gives the hint. The planned joinery is a cost-effective solution, because it takes advantage of the space without waste and facilitates movement. The use of white on the desk, in the role of the wall behind the bed, in cupboards and wood on the ground give sophistication and breadth to the room. Continue reading

Retro Style Bathroom Ideas

Anchor the bathroom in his time while preserving the original character of the space!

Thoughtful and scrupulous renovation work were able to restore all its splendor to this small bathroom located in a House dating back to the 1930s. Under the eye of Emmanuel and Odile, the owners of the premises, the interior decorator Céline Pansieri has succeeded in transforming this old-fashioned in a space aesthetic, ergonomic and functional bathroom . Redesigned with taste in a retro style, the room becomes a privileged place where it is good to take time to take care of yourself.

Area: 6 m²
Budget: € 6,000

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Minimalist Decoration – Origin, Tips and Inspirations

Minimalist decoration is one of the main decoration trends around the world, and currently guides the production of interior designers.After all, how good is an environment that has air circulation, relaxing, everything with breadth and practicality, is not it?

Here are some tips for a minimalist decoration, from where this trend emerged and how to decorate your home with a minimalist and modern look. Continue reading