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Common Facial Skin Problems and Solutions

Time trial suit and summer clothing, time to put on display some shame. That’s right, each of us has a detail of one’s body so embarrassed, or because Mother Nature has not been very generous, either because the winter laziness has taken over the good habit of caring. And so, here we are with pedicure in disorder, very little toning thighs, love handles that resemble panic and lizard skin. Following are the most common imperfections and some advice to solve the problem before the dress rehearsal.

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Smashbox Cosmetics: Makeup of the Star to Fashion Addicted

It came directly from X men last October and is already a trend! Smahbox Cosmetics, sold exclusively by perfumeries La Gardenia, is the make up of the Hollywood stars and today can be yours too!

Celebrities such as Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Dark Angel Theron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie, are fans and loyal users of Smashbox Cosmetics, makeup that makes every woman is a star. Continue reading

Makeup For Maternity Filming

It is just a wonderful time for the family, while waiting in anticipation for the arrival of a new one. However, much more than the family and for the past nine months, but it is an expected moment for the mother-to-be-she hopes to bring to the world a part of her, her baby, the heir of the family loom. And rejoicing that in addition to the godbarai and the baby showers, pregnant women these days have their dose of fun with maternity sprouts. In fact, it is a precious experience to do a maternity session, perhaps in the future, when the little one is all grown up you can show them the baby bump that nested them cozy. Continue reading

The Most Relaxing SPA Hotels in Europe

The “White Iris Beauty Spa” at the hotel “Continental” in Florence: the hotel is owned by the Ferragamo family and is one of the best design hotels worldwide.

Sustained winter gives to you, but there’s no time for a longer holiday?Luxurious treatments promise rest even for a short stay. So can you relax now, we have already done the for-selection of the best spas in Europe for you. Continue reading

Sofia Vergara Cosmetics

Submitted by Forbes among the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world, Sofia Vergara continues to grind. His secret? Sensual and elegant style, underscored by a make bright and intense. Find out here!

Among the 100 most powerful celebrities in the world and the highest-paid actress of tv according to Forbes, Sofia Vergara-Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the acclaimed series ABCModern Family–is preparing to celebrate another successful year.

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How to Wear Red Lipstick Everyday

The red lipstick is sexy, but if you do not know to give it up, it is also difficult to tame. By burrs on the teeth to those on coffee cups, here are the problems that you always have to deal with. You’re also passed you?
Red lipstick gives a lot of satisfaction, but it is really hard to tame. Here are all the problems that creates for those who can not give it up.


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Waterproof Mascara Tips

If you can not give up the make-up even in the summer and in the gym, the waterproof mascara is what you need. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes.

The waterproof mascara is a cosmetic product that, unlike the traditional mascara, is able to resist water and is ideal for the make up of the summer months. The waterproof mascara, as well as having a long life, is resistant to high temperatures and is therefore perfect for the beach, but also in the gym and in general for those who practice sports and do not want to give up thick and long lashes.
The waterproof mascara contains inside waxes and pigments impermeable to water, humidity and tears so it does not melt, does not drip or stain.

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How to Fix Really Bad Eyebrows

You can not manage your unruly eyebrows or the risks monociglio? No problem. Here are the fastest strategies to find a remedy to every problem
Your eyebrows frame the upper part of your face and define the expression, so it’s important for you to take care of your “string” at all times.You’re worried because you see irregular? We asked the makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski some advice to fix and make beautiful your eyebrows. You are ready? Go.

1. You have the square eyebrows at the top

In this case, if you act drastically, it may seem that you have drawn the (male).Instead try to create form through the little touches with a brush and colored powder, a pencil, a mascara for eyebrows. Continue reading

New Collection Kiko

The new collection of Kiko, Midnight Siren, offers a make up the glow of the Moon and metallic highlights to an ethereal yet intriguing look. The skin is smoother and more radiant, eyes deep with a touch of radiance, the lips velvety.

Midnight Siren is the new collection of Kiko meant to look Ethereal and Lunar, full of light and metallic sheen. The complexion is radiant and free of imperfections, smooth skin is sublimated by reflective micro-soft focus effect. Light for eyes that are dressed in bright colors to impact “wet” mind your lips are opaque (velvet).

Let us see the various products in the collection.

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Copy the Makeup Lily James

The young actress who recently starred as Cinderella on the big screen choose a light and elegant makeup. A soap and water but effective style. How copy?

Lily James is the young actress who a few months ago we saw at the cinema in the shoes of the famous Cinderella, a simple girl, with blond hair and pale skin. But removed the princess shoes what are your choices in terms of makeup? Lily James prefers nude look is on the eyes either on the lips, only in rare cases daring (as on the red carpet) with bright eye shadows and vampy lips.

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