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Stickers for Nails Decorated

Among the many famous Mania (just to name a few, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Rihanna and katy Perry have already joined the wave), the stickers for nails decorated the head of chicks. No wonder, practical, do not require more frequent visits to the manicure or the long wait by drying enamels; just apply the patch and ready, almost as if by magic, the nails are already made and beautiful. Besides the stickers for nails decorated to be a great suggestion for those who do not take the shortest way to paint your nails. Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Men Perfumes for Christmas

From left: Spice Navy by Hermes, Bottega Veneta pour Man,  as of Garcons x Monocle scent three: Cedar.

Everyone it knows: the days are getting shorter, thicker, chimes jackets are piling up on the radio and suddenly Christmas is back. Not all years having to give away again and again the same thing, we present eight perfumes that last Christmas Eve guaranteed not under the tree lay. Part: Gucci “Made to Measure”, “gentlemen only” by Givenchy and Versace “Eros”. Continue reading

Eyebrow Care

What are the Ultimate Eyebrow Care.

After the woman goes through the process of definitive eyebrow she has to know how to take care of, to avoid damaging it, but not all women know how to take care properly, and for this we separate here some important tips for you to check, so keep an eye on more information as soon as possible.We know that this cosmetic procedure is not for, so more than ever we have to know how to care to keep eyebrows always beautiful as well. Continue reading

Common Facial Skin Problems and Solutions

Time trial suit and summer clothing, time to put on display some shame. That’s right, each of us has a detail of one’s body so embarrassed, or because Mother Nature has not been very generous, either because the winter laziness has taken over the good habit of caring. And so, here we are with pedicure in disorder, very little toning thighs, love handles that resemble panic and lizard skin. Following are the most common imperfections and some advice to solve the problem before the dress rehearsal.

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