Casio WSD-F10: Revamped Version and Smart Watch Casio G-Shock

The Casio company has made the jump to Android Wear with a new clock, WSD-F10, It can work both in traditional mode (monochrome LCD screen) mode smartwatch with Android Wear (color display).

Despite its bizarre name (WSD-F10) Casio smartwatch offers a number of interesting features for the more adventurous due to the amount of integrated sensors and its certification of resistance, compliance tests of military requirement.

This watch has a design Interestingly, based on traditional designs from the company and adding a layer of touch Android to your typical system control via buttons.

Design of double screen, one over the other

The smartwatch is original in different sections, the first one the screen, which could be called as dual screen, Since it’s a color LCD screen as most of the market smartwatches to which has been him over a monochrome LCD screen.

In that monochrome screen the basics of clock as in any model of the company will be displayed if you are not connected to any smartphone (configurable). In this way it can be a month of autonomy with a single charge.

° If you use the color screen and different applications of tracking and tracing the autonomy will be sufficient to be able to endure a day. Speaking of the load, This is done through a proprietary magnetic connector on the left side. Then we see the clock with the active monochrome LCD (Timepiece Mode).

The connectivity of the smartwatch is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 as it is becoming customary in the Android Wear current smartwatches.

The size of the circular screen is of 1.32 inches and resolution 320 x 300 pixels. Very similar to, for instance, motorcycle 360. We have a capacitive screen that promises to work even in the most extreme environments.

Model of resistance tested and perfect for trekking, cycling or fishing

This casio Watch has been nothing less than 10 tests military specification category MIL-STD – 810G. We are talking about a watch that is resistant to falls, random vibration, humidity, solar radiation, heights not operaticas, extreme temperatures, sudden changes in temperature, rain and snow.

As you can see, if we join the resistance up to 50 meters depth of water, We find a perfect watch for adventurers, nothing of divers or swimmers.

We remember WR50 either 5, is resistant to splashing or showers, none of dives. In the words of Casio:

This watch has been resistant to up to 5 bar water resistant, which corresponds to the pressure of a column of water of 50 meters, exerted on one square centimeter. Therefore, the clock is suitable for daily use, e.g.. in the bath, the shower or while washing your hands

Has Sensors pressure, altitude, temperature and the most daring will help improve their brands thanks to track caloric expenditure according to the activities carried out either your compass.

Availability and prices Casio WSD-F10

This watch will reach the market in a range of four colors: Green, Orange, black, and red. Despite its rugged they are light watches that don’t reach 94 grams with the weight of the belt.

If we talk about price, Casio has not yet set a figure of global or country during CES 2016 but it spoke of a price that could haunt the $500 for the month of April, month in which would be launched on the market.