Cardboard ++, Would What We Provide The Hybrid between Project Tango and Cardboard That Google Could Be Have in The Oven?

The mobile devices of the future they are already in the kitchens of the major players in the market, and although at the moment, some of them seem still science fiction, the truth is that the wearables and wearable technology in general running to become the essential of our ‘me’ tomorrow’s.

This online work Google, among others, to make sense of many of those devices that still seem to not have it, as Cardboard and its commitment to virtual reality or augmented reality, Project Tango and their devices with spatial intelligence and recognition of objects, or mismamente own Google Glass that it not finished off.

In Mountain View they have because of thinking that many of those technologies developed separately would have much sense United in one device, and here comes a rumor that has spread like wildfire around a hypothetical Google Carboard ++.

All down to profile on LinkedIn for an employee of Google working on the development of the smart glasses Google Glass, but who has published a role change to “working with the team of augmented reality and virtual reality Project Tango and Cardboard ++”.

Project Tango and Cardboard with the Shaker, what could come out of this mixture?

After seeing this, means most have coincided to say the development of a so-called hybrid device that He would mix the experience of Google Cardboard with Project Tango technology, something like AR and VR glasses which were able to recognize space, Map 3D, and more.

Does not seem anything unreasonable, and in fact, in the picture accompanying the article as we see one of prototypes of Project Tango in a virtual reality Viewer, and even in some of the last conferences Google I/O discussed this type of gadgets.

The This combination results could give rise to a much more interesting device, with greater functionality with regard to users and more advanced possibilities, perhaps more in the style of the Microsoft HoloLens with not only virtual reality, but also with holographic content on our actual environment, games using the space and objects that surround us, or even “Cards” of Google Now with relevant information.

At the moment you only guesses and rumors, but that will surely meet in May during the Google I/O 2016. And you, would like a device so it arrived already in commercial format and not as an experiment?