Cardboard: This Has Been His Success in His First 19 Months

For this 2016 many experts predict that it will be the year of consolidation of the virtual reality Thanks to devices like Oculus, HTC live, PlayStation VR and above all by the Cardboard Google.

The Cardboard they are to be a success. Virtual reality glasses of Google they are currently the most economical choice, with very few euros we already enjoy virtual reality with a few cardboard glasses that use our mobile screen, and to be the most affordable option has been reflected in sales and applications, what has maGoogle already thinking about your own virtual reality hardware.

More than 5 million sold Cardboards

Since Cardboard He was already 19 months ago at the past Google I/O 2014, has sold more than 5 million of Cardboards viewers all over the world. The sales figures provided by Google are only the official viewers, so there are many more millions of viewers around the world.

25 million installed applications

In 19 months, 25 million installations of applications were made for Cardboard, but only between October and December last year were made 10 million installations.

More than 1,000 applications

Cardboard It already has available more than 1,000 applications, being the 5 best uses for Cardboard the following:

  • Chair In a Room
  • Vsre
  • Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue
  • Caaaaardboard!
  • Proton press

More than 350,000 hours of videos in Cardboard

For some months it is possible to enjoy virtual reality videos from YouTube, and they are already more than 350,000 hours of videos in Cardboard.

More than 750,000 VR photos taken with Cardboard Camera

Since a couple of months ago also we can take pictures of virtual reality thanks to the Cardboard camera, and at that time already more than 750,000 photos taken.

More than 500,000 students were forwarding VR

Through the program, pioneering Expeditions are more than 500,000 students who have virtually been able to travel to other parts of the world thanks to the Carboard.