Canadian Site of Sony Ericsson Has Been Hacked

Remember when we talk about the latest attack on Sony websites? More specifically, the music division of the company, Sony BMG Greece, which was invaded and had data stolen 8000 customers? So. It was not the last. As predicted by security firm Sophos, another attack took place against another company’s website. This time the wholesale arm was responsible for mobile devices, Sony Ericsson.

The company confirmed yesterday that an attack on the Canadian site of Sony Ericsson managed to steal data from over 2000 registered customers. A group of hackers called Lebanese Idahca claimed responsibility and say they have names, addresses and e-mail, which were posted on Facebook and Twitter. The Sony ensures that the passwords were encrypted and credit card information were not stolen.

Apparently Sony still can not get rid of the target on the back and will continue to have their servers hacked while there are no loopholes to be exploited. And while there are hackers willing to find them too.