Camera Phone for Petting

Touch screen with finger operation and the extensive waiver of keys-the principle of the iPhone can be found at more and more new cell phones. Also the HSDPA mobile phone SGH-F490 from Samsung is no exception.

The SGH-F490 looks very familiar to us at first glance. The mobile phone has but a very similar look like the popular Samsung SGH-F700. Who now thinks to do it with the light version of this mobile phones but wrong.

Although the same user interface and almost identical applications on the F490 can be found, but the new and considerably slimmer phone comes with a 5-megapixel camera. Also in terms of battery life, the F490 outstripped the F700. Why all the touch screen of the iPhone competitors not happy makes us, you learn in the test.

Equipment: Thick Camera

The F490 offers not only HSDPA and a good email client, in the area of multimedia can be seen the mobile phone with 5-megapixel camera and music transmission via Bluetooth stereo profile.

Phone and data features
With the tri-band phone, you can call in almost all countries with GSM network. Facilities include also a handsfree, voice recorder and calendar with date and reminder function. You can use up to six changeable environment profiles. The memory of the contact database shows somewhat scarce. After 1,000 entries is final. Also the SMS memory already makes close to 200 received short messages. You do have voice dialing and voice command at the SGH-F490.

Who wants to quickly send data by network or received, can do pretty fast thanks to HSDPA in phase II (up to 3.6 MBit/S). However, the built-in Web browser can match not quite with the theoretically possible data rate. The complete building of the website took after all 25 seconds. Establish contact to other devices via USB 2.0 or Bluetooth 2.0. In the test, large MP3 file was transferred in less than 2 seconds on the phone our 3 MByte. A full 1 GByte microSD card is in the phone. Ex works, you can use still 1.1 GB including the memory card for your own content.

The F490 can shoot images with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels. The facilities of the camera can be seen. So, you can use auto focus just like an image stabilizer, ISO setting or different white balance functions. You can record also set to music videos with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The image quality is fine. Also on larger displays, see the shots of the F490 still well out (see Photo Gallery).

Music and videos can be with the integrated Samsung Media Player listen to and look at. We know already from the F700. To rewind or change the volume drag the intersection of the two virtual bars with the finger in the appropriate direction. A Fingerttipp that activates the pause function. However, it lacks the possibility of the current in the next or previous song to jump, as well as a sound optimization option.

Practice: Immature Operation

The F490 is pleasantly compact design. The handling seemed less successful.

Facts & figures
With its dimensions of 115 x 55 x 12 mm and 102 grams, the phone is very compact and is comfortable in each Pocket square. In addition, the phone in his black housing with glossy cover looks spiffy.Speaking of battery cover: you can replace that also against the supplied matte black variation. On the tester the power cell in full GSM power lasted 3 hours and 47 minutes – a good line.

Also the F490 has inherited the weaknesses, which showed even the F700 during the operation, get. Especially control the mobile phones via finger has not quite succeeded. For example, the scroll function causes problems. You want to scroll a list that doesn’t work mostly on a train. Of repeated crossing via the display, then usually a false application is opened. This is quite annoying in the long run.

Although the touch screen offers tactile feedback via vibration, it’s not always accurately respond. Often, we had to press two or three times a button before anything happened. Samsung Board the F490 still a small stylus (stylus), you can install directly on the mobile phone as a trailer.

Display and acoustic
When the display dimensions, the F490 is quite well positioned.Information will be presented on 39 x 68 mm. However it is not far to the brilliance. The display always looks as is a veil- and we have not forgotten to pull off the screen protector. As a result there are also no really crisp sharp images.

The acoustic test, the F490 made an average figure. On the mobile phone of interlocutors sounded though somewhat dull and unnatural, to understand he was nevertheless. The handsfree is fairly quiet and sounds very metallic, what makes listening a pleasure.

Bottom Line: Fun Sometimes

Thanks to the good camera and the impressive data capabilities, it’s enough for the F490 yet for a place among the best 25 phones in our leaderboard.

The with HSDPA and 5-megapixel camera quite well-equipped SGH-F490 could convince only partially in the test. Especially for the Operationusing touch screen, no comparable phones like the SGH-F700 improvements were noticeable.Here, Samsung should turn something on the screw of development of in any case.

Facilities include the fast the image quality of the camera, Data transfer via USB and the ordinary Battery life kanppe 4 hours. Also listen to music is fun with the F490, if also little things like sound control or the ability to fast forward and snapping back.

You want a multimedia phone with thick memory and look-factor? Make sure you consider the Apple iPhone on. Currently, the hype cell phone device is brought by T-Mobile starting at $99 with contract among the people. In intuitive and fun factor, it is vastly superior to the F490, for this you have to waive but HSDPA and the 5-megapixel camera.