Brick LED Lighting

The Isola of Sint-Truiden firm launches on the market a light brick by the name of “led-brick”. A material made of polycarbonate, waterproof wind and water, with 6 to 24 leds. His power is supplied by solar panels and embedded piles. In other words, all wiring is unnecessary.

Light your lantern: it is not strictly speaking a “brick”. If we can integrate a ‘led-brick”in a wall, the goal isn’t to use it to build a complete façade. “The applications are very different.” We can use it as security or lighting atmosphere around pools, on the ramp in the garage, in the marinas, parks, hotels, etc.,”says the owner, Willy Blocken, who has developed the brick with his daughter.

No short circuit

As its name implies, Isola is originally a firm that specializes in the insulation of buildings. Need for diversification? “I got the idea when I laid out the entrance of my home. I predict cables everywhere for the ground and garden lighting. After a week, there were outages. I looked for a solution. The “led-brick” solves all these problems. You can even put in a pond because they are waterproof as well in water than in air. Without any oxidation”, according to blocks.


The brick is available in many formats. “We offer stones of cylindrical shape of 10 cm of diameter up to 20 x 20 cm tiles. But it is also possible to make custom. The bricks are unbreakable, because they are made of polycarbonate. A car may well roll over. Currently we test other materials like perlite to further improve the brick. Its price? Hundred euros (VAT included). We guarantee a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. “, adds Willy Blocken.