Brand Idea: Lowa Function Shoes

A crucial component to be right for the Outdooraktivtät, in terms of recreational or professional, makes it to be fitted to the right footwear. Hours movement under the open sky, in the snow and wintry temperatures, makes special demands on the choice of appropriate footwear. Particularly the property of the Atmunsaktivtät to the fore, which ensures the Feuchtigkeitsabtransport from the inside to the outside through increased air circulation and the use of semipermeable membranes occurs with increased movement request. The company tradition Iowa this just opts for the use of high-quality Gore-Tex® functional materials, which both provides against the penetration of moisture and by the unilateral Durchglässigkeit of the material tissue allows for the quick removal of perspiration moisture.


A high-quality inner lining must ensure an optimal climate in the liner. Welding is an almost unavoidable byproduct of physical activity, this must be transported on the fastest way to the outside. The removal of moisture is necessary for protection against loss of heat, and to prevent the formation of bubbles. The inner lining material should include quick-drying properties, to enable a fast operational readiness.

Gore used by Lowa-Tex® inner lining consists of a two-layer material which prevents the unilateral ingress of moisture and at the same time promoted the unilateral removal of moisture from inside to outside, without compromising breathability.

The heat-insulating properties of shoes of great importance are the waterproof. Besides the use of Gore-Tex materials in the interior lining used materials high quality velvet or Nubuk leather at Lowa in combination with Teflon of coated Cordura® additional abrasion-resistant, thermal insulation to waterproof and also.


Cordura® is a coarsely woven textile membrane, which is usually combined with pieces of leather. The textile consists of nylon or nylon-polyester combinations. Cordura is United thus a very light textile weave, different functions in itself. Depending on the weave and material combination, is the tissue more tear and abrasion resistant, water- and windproof, without losing its flexibility.

Also the individual range plays a decisive role in the selection of the correct footwear. Whether in alpine sports, trekking, a wide range of specialized soles structures has developed from its functional footwear development experience hiking, walking or in the everyday urban loving, Lowa, which addressed the terrain and the respective activity, combines the range corresponding qualities. In addition to the sole constructions developed specially by Lowa also blocks the renowned manufacturer of Vibram® are processed.


Since 1937, Vibram is a term for highly functional shoes for almost all activities in the mountains, according to iamhigher. Today is the Vibram name for top quality in processing, comfort and durability of outsoles. The Vibram soles are also specially adapted to Footmappingleisten. This design produces a harmonious combination of bar, upper and Vibram sole.

In the following, we will introduce you to the wesenstlichen characteristics of the new additions to our McTrek Lowa product range:

Lowa Kody GTX

The Lowa Kody GTX is a robust multifunction who feels at home on every hike on paved roads. The Velourslederschaft with Corduraeinsätzen gives the necessary hold the mid cut model. The GORE-TEX® makes the shoe absolutely water – and windproof lining and offers air conditioned comfort increased breathability. The skeletal raised LOWA MONOWRAP®-design is a solid unit with the shank, stabilizes and protects on particularly exposed areas. The heel stabilizer allows a harmonious introduction of rolling motion and the 7/8 TPU stabilizer provides an optimal torsion and flexion stability.

The non-slip Vibram® Renevo Rubber sole is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.

The Lowa Kody is erhältlicht as a men’s and women’s version. The Lowa Kody GTX women’s shoes is additionally via a specially adapted Lady strips, which is modelled on the female anatomy and thus ensures a perfect wearing comfort, regardless on what terrain you are just moving.

Vibram® Renevo
Both the women’s and men’s Lowa Kody GTX variant is available with a Vibram® fitted Renevo sole. The Vibram® Renevo is equipped with a Monowrap sole design which provides additional stability. The sole is made of a permanently abrasion-resistant and non-slip rubber sole specially developed for outdoor activities.

Lowa Scorpio GTX MID
The Lowa Scorpio GTX mid trekking boots which is ideal for long tours and extensive walks. Hikes are the specialty of this light multi function shoe, whose mid-cut-stock has been made suede and Cordura® provides a particularly good support and the necessary stability on paved roads.

The GORE-TEX® inner lining makes the shoe absolutely wind – and waterproof and offers air conditioned comfort increased breathability. The skeletal raised LOWA “MONOWRAP®”-design forms a solid unit with the shank, stabilizes and protects on particularly exposed areas. At the same time, this design saves weight, which significantly increases the Tragekomfortbesonders on long walks. The SCORPIO GTX® MID convinces by its excellent fit and best workmanship. The non-slip LOWA “Loren” rubber sole is ideal for various outdoor activities.

Lowa Loren outsole
The Lowa Scorpio GTX is equipped both in women’s and men’s variant with a Lowa Loren-run hole. The Loren outsole is designed for the everyday running and by the integrated Monowrap sole construction is than added stability. The outsole ensures a secure grip and slip resistance even on smooth surfaces. Ideal for tours on constructed roads, city tours and smaller excursions in rural or urban terrain.

Lowa Khumbu II GTX
The Khumbu II GTX is a versatile trekking shoe, feels at home around the world on every challenging trekking tour. He has a 2mm suede leather and lightweight but durable fabric upper. The smooth-running loop lacing fixed perfectly the foot in the shoe and the Lowa X lacing cord system keeps the tongue in place. The new Vibram Trailtec sole ensures excellent grip. The Gore-Tex® membrane function used for the lining of men’s hiking boot gives its breathable, wind – and waterproof characteristics. Thus the Komibantion from Gore-Tex® functional materials and Lowa’s intelligent ClimateCotrol system provide an ideal indoor climate conditions.

The Khumbu GTX trekking collection by Lowa is ideal for long walks and day trips on safe trails. It provides adequate stability with maximum cushioning and best roll-off behavior. Suitable for moderate high mountain tours, ansruchsvolle means mountain tours and classic hut hikes up to light trekking in mountain terrain.

Climate control system
Well tempered and dry feet are important for comfortable walking and crucial for the performance of Alpine activities. The Lowa climate control system transports heat and sweat over air channels to the outside and thus protects the foot from blisters and pressure sores. Reticulated foam forms a permeable channel between Gore-Tex or perforated leather lining and perforated cuff. Moisture is pressed through the pumping movements when walking through this channel outwards. Just by using high-quality upper and lining materials and complex processing technology, this system works!

Lowa X lacing
The LOWA X lacing is a lacing system independent of the instep height of the shoe. It makes for a fixation of tongue on the vertical and the horizontal plane. Thus, it prevents the slip of the tongue, and at the same time the emergence of friction – and pressure points. Another advantage is that the pressure distribution of the laces not selectively on the chopping, but flat on the tongue influences. Noteworthy is also the simple, nearly self-explanatory handling, which is through the printed lacing Guide to child’s play.

Vibram® Trailtec
The Lowa Khumbu GTX has a Vibram sole with folgendenEigenschaften® Trailtec:

  • modern function trekking sole with improved contact surfaces
  • excellent traction through self-cleaning sole construction
  • very soft rubber sole which improved the rolling motion and protects against shocks

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