Bluboo Watch Confirms That It Will Be The Android Wear Cheaper: It Will Cost Only 100 Euro

A few weeks ago we talked about on the blog about the Bluboo XWatch. Clockwork Android Wear made in China confirmed our suspicions about the turn of Google to the Asian country. The first images let us see a round model with metal casing and interchangeable straps. Thanks to the Chinese company knew that It will be released in February and this morning we have known more details on this model.

Bluboo XWatch will have a powerful enough specs to move Android Wear without problems. His weapon, that Yes, will not be the hardware but the price. If Chinese manufacturers have shown us that they can do mobile cheap, now they want to repeat the formula with watches. This model will be on sale for 100 euros to change.

Is Android Wear? The images leave doubt

This morning Bluboo has advanced some details about your new watch via a press release in which detailed technical specifications that has shown some more pictures, so let’s see what this model with Android Wear. As the images that we saw in his day, shows that it has metal body and four physical buttons. Something that struck us as so far the smartwatches with Google’s platform had a button.

Processor clock not bet on the classic 400 Snapdragon. Instead we find a SoC MediaTek which should be capable of moving Android Wear without difficulties, we’ll see if those 512 MB of RAM is sufficient. The screen will have a size of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, Dato attractive on paper but where will have to try it to see if it pays well and has good brightness.

480 mAh battery is perhaps the most attractive data on the datasheet. A figure above other models we have already discussed. In the software we will have Android Wear (5.1 Lollipop) series, but the truth is that none of the images submitted by Bluboo today give to understand that really takes this platform. We expected the typical design chips but the interface that appears in the photos is different from what we are accustomed. When you arrive at our doll we will leave doubts.

The price, as mentioned, will be of 100 euros to change. Bluboo says that it will cost $99, but taking into account the currency exchange, shipping and what we charge in customs if the package is revised, may rise a little. Even so, the figure remains much lower than any current (2015) model with Android Wear. Eager to try it and see if it can really be a good smartwatch for so little money.