BlackBerry P’ 9982 Is an Exclusive Z10 in Porsche-Design

BlackBerry Z10 with more space and in a design created by Porsche launches now at a cost of over 10,000 kroner.

P’ 9982 is an exceedingly expensive and distinguished revival of BlackBerry Z10. It is designed by Porsche and caters to those who want a phone that is not all running around with, and which could also pay over 12,000 dollars for the prize in Europe reported to be EUR 1,650, without whatever might be added by Danish taxes.
On the hardware front is the only difference that the P9982 have got 64 GB of internal memory as opposed to the 16 GB is available in the Z10.

Not the first Porsche design

BlackBerry has previously collaborated with Porsche, finally it was a relaunch of Bold 9900 called P’ 9981.This turned out to be the English luxury store Harrods best-selling technology product ever.

One could well imagine that P ‘ 9982 has been under preparation for a long time, probably before BB10 was launched and still expected the big success, otherwise it seems like a rather ambitious undertaking to throw such an expensive phone on the market when one’s economy already is not completely under control.