Big Earrings: They Can Highlight Your Basic Look.

The big earrings, or as they are also known, maxi earrings, been doing the famous head and it girls all over the world. Impressive, they are prominent parts and need to be well combined with other accessories not to overload the look.

For this reason, are the Earrings best suited for those who don’t know – or don’t like-to dare in time to get dressed and find parts accessories able to completely transform the visual.

Bet on layers for big earrings.

According to, the Maxi earrings are known parts of those who want to stand out when the subject is the semijoias. But the earrings of layers are even more special items in time to highlight the most basic looks.

Among the options that match all styles are the earring flower scales and the earring three layers. Both have the movement needed to make any look more stripped and flashy and help to accentuate the makeup and the whole stroke.

So if you like to make or want to make a more sober and don’t know how to highlight the region without exaggeration, bet on these two options and build classic combinations, elegant and full of style.

The rings are back!

The rings were part of adolescence of some women between the end of the ‘ 90 ‘s and early 2000. Now, they come with everything to help highlight looks that alone seem a little off. With zircônias, flat or raised, match the style stripped, boho, romantic and casual. What shows are real Jokers in the world of accessories.

The best is that the bigger versions help to give depth to the face and match hairstyles loose or stuck. In addition, the fashionistas say that how much larger are their rings, more modern will be your look.

For those who like to dare us earrings

The wing earring turned hit a few years ago and today is one of the most sought after pieces in the world of accessories. It can be found in small models or ear cuffs, but are in larger sizes that give the highlight ideal for who wants to dare without fear of making mistakes.

Modern, it combines well with women of strong character and can help you get the highlight necessary in compositions that seem Basic, but who need a sort of impact.

If you also like big earrings and can’t wait to get one of each model. Visit the store of PIP’s Store and find the pieces that most match your style.