Bet Always the Third Piece of Clothing

Whenever we visualize a suit (call look or outfit, if you prefer) we focus on articles of clothing, footwear and accessories generally stay in the background, it’s not that they don’t mind, quite the contrary, but when we talk about the clothing that comes to mind first are shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, blazers, Bermuda and the like, the rest will arise during the process of choosing and if suiting.

Following this reasoning, we can say that any combination has at least two parts: a pair of jeans or shorts and a shirt or t-shirt and the combination arises from the choice of these items. The tip here is to make an effort to insert a third piece and give a little more style to set–and when I say I know the effort limitation that the hot regions climate Brazil imposes. But you see, I’m talking about something far more simple than the “layering” (see embudoexpress) it’s just a play to get out of the common place and show how much you care with your visual without it exaggerating, may seem a little.

The male wardrobe items that are most suitable for shirts, blazers, vests (tailoring or nylon) and knits (sweaters or Cardigans), but a few accessories can also help a lot to enhance your look like suspenders, scarves ties and hats, doing the times of the third piece and giving that special touch that it requires. Here are some suggestions of how and why add these clothes to your day-to-day visual:



Have you ever used the same combination of pants and Plaid Shirt for the umpteenth time? Throw a fabric in contrasting color on top to underscore the chess and draw attention to your face.

Blazer Or Jacket

Combination of shirt or shirt and a denim or chino will always succeed, but only the jacket gives you enough elegance to a little bit more sophisticated environments.


Basic t-shirt, basic jeans, well, not so much after the Plaid Shirt came into play. This is the good part of the Basic, are a blank canvas, you add will work well and let the look cooler.

Vest (Tailoring Or Casual)

Is the Plaid Shirt, striped or Basic, with the arrival of the vest he earns a lot in style, in fact the whole look WINS! Remember, in this case the more patterns or prints, the more casual shirt will be the combo, that is, if you want something more serious, try a shirt and jeans flat social very dark or a pair of tailoring.



Another visual basic that came to prominence thanks to a third element, the pair of suspenders. Despite being just an accessory, your presence changes the way we look at the set, giving a classic touch in some cases and taken off in others.


The tie is a kind of dividing line between the professional and casual attire, but even those who are not on the way to work may include a tie in the combo, the accessory has the power to stop any more elegant and respectable.


Even the beautiful boot could take this basic combination if it weren’t for Fedora hat. The add-on causes the visual, although simple, win a modern and young, able to move places where informality is the rule.On the other hand it is also possible to create something more aligned with tailoring, even if it’s just a shirt and slacks.

Scarf or Ascot

A little explored by Brazilian, but you can influence a lot of the look is the scarf. The lightweight models of cotton and other natural fibers, which serve more as an ornament than to protect from the cold, are great for use only on a shirt or t-shirt, pulling your look of the “rice and beans” and are also a good way to inject color into combos too neutral, giving prominence to the face.

Tips For Making The Third Piece Work Better

Combine textures like a denim shirt superimposed by a beautiful wool coat or a Cardigan light;

Try contrasting colors, the combination will be more interesting;

Use the top-piece to highlight the low part, as happens in the case of printed shirts beneath flat knits;

Chest up everything that Excel draws attention to the face and draws attention from his belly, favoring those who are not to scale. Meshes v-necks, scarves and hats help in this case;

Social events that have no dress code set can leave you confused as to the costume, here the third piece can be very useful, especially ties, vests and blazers combined with stylish pants and shirts without necessarily be formal;

Adopt this style of dress can be the first step to achieve that look with personality that you demand, you have more pieces to combine and create;

In the case of accessories, invest in natural materials, synthetics do not have the same visual appeal.

And The People Who Live In Places Where It’s Too Hot?

The best is obviously working with parts that do not spend even more heat, here are some suggestions:

Linen Blazer or cold wool for special occasions;

Cotton or linen shirt for the day to day;

Scarf of linen, cotton or gauze for days with temperatures slightly milder;

Panama Hat to protect from the Sun,

Cold wool vest for a more formal look;

Braces for the day to day.

Note: the shirts can also be short sleeve.

See more examples in the gallery below:


It’s good to remember that third piece, to have such a function, must leave the shows the other two, i.e. a mesh or shirt covering quite a t-shirt can’t the desired visual effect.