Best Indoor Video Surveillance Systems

Mi25-Unique camera for indoor, high resolution of 5 Mp, high quality images and hemisferichen lens captures 180 °!MADE IN GERMANY

Mi25 – complete and affordable solution for your office, shop, warehouse, restaurant, kids club….!

Thanks to Mi25 you get a video image in real time to your office, shop, warehouse, restaurant or kids club with unique picture quality and the ability to monitor the 180° of the site from anywhere in the world without the need for additional recorders (DVR / NVR).

Available in 2 versions: Day (color) and Night, (black / white) that meet the most challenging lighting conditions and have a wide range of functions:

  • Visokočuvstvitelen sensor 5 Mr (MP);
  • Automatic recording of the camera itself of all events-gift MicroSD 4 GB and the opportunity to work with a MicroSD card up to 64 GB;
  • MxActivitySensor-intelligent motion sensor nevliyaeshti of weather and detects the slightest movement. MxActivitySensor  reduces the number of false alarms by showing moving objects over a certain amount (which you define at and indicates the direction in which they move . This drastically reduces the amount of image data before they can be transferred and stored.
  • MxLEO-lowlight the Exposure Optimization-perfect exposure without the blur and technology to reduce noise;
  • Easy access from smart phone, PC, tablet;
  • Disclosure of events (burglary, fire, theft, etc.). Of pre-set phone numbers;
  • Free Software with free updates;