Best and Cheapest Smartwatch

Are you looking for a good smartwatch to give this Christmas? Do you have a limited budget? Check out these options

The smartwatch will be one of the star gifts this Christmas and many of you may find yourselves still evaluating the different options offered by the market right now. If you want to enter this technology category right foot but count on a shoestring budget, let yourselves be advised by us and the list of smart watches that we have prepared this article.

Although we showed in previous articles the 10 best smartwatch the moment, here we have taken into account the price factor and we have tried to find valid for those seeking alternatives a good smart watch and do not want to overcome the barrier of 200 €. We started.

LG G Watch: 180€

Currently it is the cheapest way to enter the world of Android Wear option the Google operating system for wearables devices. Although its design and materials can not convince too users seeking a stylish alternative, the LG G Watch offers great features like a Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2 GHz, screen 1.65 inch water resistant and dust and different sensors monitor our activity.

One of the main advantages of the LG G Watch is that you have the support of Android Wear, one of the most promising platforms for smartwatch that bears the stamp of Google. Does the design is not important to you? The LG G Watch may be your best option.

Samsung Gear Live: 199€

Here is another great device in which Android Wear test and can aesthetically fit better with the likes of the average user. The Samsung Gear Live smartwatch is the only South Koreans to feature Android Wear, added reason to have it in mind. Its specifications are similar to the top end of the market: screen of 1.63 inches, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 GB of RAM and internal memory of 4 GB.

Of course, it also has sensors such as heart rate monitor activity, resistance to water and dust and WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Certainly a popular option to consider for those seeking a good smartwatch value.

Pebble: 118€

The Pebble is one of the most popular smart watches and one of the longest on the market before the arrival of large companies. With a friendly and casual design, different plastic covers in different colors to get that fun touch to our day. We should not be fooled by its monochrome screen and lack of touch technology, it is precisely these shortcomings the other as supplemented with a range of almost 1 week or perfect readability in any lighting situation .

In addition, unlike Android Wear, Pebble is compatible with both Android and iOS, so we should not worry about the operating system of your smartphone or gift recipient. Thanks to the great community that has formed around this particular device, find applications for all tastes and needs. In addition, for those seeking something more serious, we also find the Pebble Steel with steel case and strap for 239 €.

Samsung Gear 2: 199€

¿Android Wear not convince you? Do not worry, Samsung has developed its own operating system for-Tizen-smartwatch and Gear 2 is one of the best devices to prove it. On your screen Super AMOLED 1.63 inch we can comfortably receive our notifications, answer phone calls and interact with different clock applications.

Of course, it has all the specifications present in the Samsung Gear Live and isavailable in 3 different colors: black, brown and silver . Next to the box smartwatch, we found a really comfortable rubber straps that will fit right into our daily use.

Asus ZenWatch: 199€

Although Asus ZenWatch availability is still limited worldwide, may Christmas gift can wait a bit if you convince the characteristics that we detail below. The first smartwatch of the guys from Asus has one of the best designs in their rengo price, not surprisingly, a poll proclaimed him the most desired smartwatch this Christmas .

It has a stainless steel, with a slim bezel surrounding golden hue, make the appearance of this ZenWatch is that of an affordable smartwatch. Inside features a 1.63-inch screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3, a Snapdragon 400 processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. In addition, as a point in his favor, has 3G connectivity itself, so greatly will reduce the independence with our smartphone.Finally, your operating system is Android Wear, so we can benefit of all creations arising from the huge community that is being created around Google operating system.

COOKOO 2 Connected Watch: 129€

Finally we present the Cookoo 2 Connected Watch, the second generation of a smart watch that has existed for several years in the market. Unlike all of the above, this is possibly the least known and may be “smart” least of all. Under the guise of a seemingly conventional sports watch , the Cookoo 2 gives us the opportunity to consult the various reports we receive in our smartphone from the wrist.

It is essentially an analog clock, even on your board incorporates different LEDs that light up depending on whether or not we have received a notification. We can alsocontrol music, take pictures remotely or search our phone through the emission of sounds in the event that we do not know where he is. Undoubtedly, the Cookoo 2 is a good choice for those who want to combine the classicism of conventional watches with some advanced features.

And these are our recommendations for Christmas, though of course the list can be much broader, just need you to help us complete. What smartwatch you think we have left and deserve to have a place?

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